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Comment Re:What a LFTR really means (Score 3, Informative) 258

Fluoride salt used in the LFTR is not caustic. It is in fact chemically very inert. Fission products dissolved in the salt are not water soluble either.

If it cools off and solidifies, you just heat up the salt again (e.g. using electric heaters) and continue operating the reactor. Oh, and if the solidified salt comes into contact with water, nothing will happen (as it is not water soluble).

Flibe Energy is working with the U.S. military on making a small reactor that can be deployed at Forward Operating Bases during war. You don't think they would be doing that unless the reactor design is fairly resilient?

Submission + - Programming error invalidates all DV lottery visas (

bojanb writes: "A computerised random selection process apparently wasn't random due to a programming error. Therefore, all visas are rescinded and a completely new drawing is slated on or about July 15.

It would be very interesting to find out what the actual error was."

Submission + - UNO III Streetbike (

toddmacallister writes: The UNO III Streetbike is a zero-emission electric motorcycle that transforms into a gyro-stabilized dicycle, making it so compact, it can ride an elevator.

Comment Re:Awe-inspiring next generation technology... (Score 1) 383

Regarding your point 1), you must be an aeronautical engineer (and a clairvoyant one, too) to claim that "the intakes required to decelerate incoming air to subsonic will either be too heavy, or impossible, or not distribute airflow evenly enough, etc etc."

You know that real experts (and not "experts" like you) once claimed that breaking the sound barrier is impossible in principle?

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