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Comment Seattle has "no zoning" to prohibit this? (Score 3, Informative) 296

Seattle has zoning out the ying-yang, and the streets specifically need to be zoned to townhouse height to build the townhouses. That designation has been spreading over the last decade+.

As far as aesthetics, just go to a neighborhood Design Review Board meeting, where the dozen or so busybodies in each neighborhood go and throw rotten vegetables at developers for hours, ruthlessly hounding them to get their designs more in line with the aesthetics of the busybody junta.

(A sufficiently small townhouse project can evade the board, much to the chagrin of the busybodies).

The problem with the townhouses is not that they're ugly or don't "fit in" but that too many of them get build without parking, as the anti-car elements on design boards and in the gummint browbeat developers into not offering parking.

I looked at a lot of the new Ballard construction when house shopping in 2013, before buying a condo in another 'hood, they're not bad, the kitchens especially are generally being done very nicely, but you can't please everyone with how they look from the outside, I guess.

Comment lead to over-applying and under-applying (Score 4, Interesting) 292

I have found (while reading through resumes trying to find candidates) that the response of most applicants to this phenomenon is to just apply for jobs for which they aren't really qualified at all, because no one is completely qualified. Which leads to probably the exact situation employers are trying to avoid (having tons of unqualified people apply) And for me personally, when I'm looking for work, it has the opposite effect - I try to not apply for something unless I really look like a fit, but with these Les Miserables-sized qualification lists, I'm not qualified for anything at all. So I think I end up under-applying for jobs.

Comment Yahoo! started sending me a daily headlines email (Score 1) 222

The only changes I've noticed in my Yahoo! stuff since Mayer took over is that they started sending a daily "stories" email to all my Yahoo! accounts (which I promptly turned off). If ramping up a daily headlines email was a key component of strategy.... yeesh... this is 2014 not 1995

Comment it's that tech people don't want to be in LA (Score 1) 506

Free your mind. The thing here is probably that it's tougher for tech companies in LA to recruit. I live in Seattle and you'd probably have to pay me 50% more to live in LA. Lots of people'd like to live in Seattle, for the reasons you describe, so there's plenty of job candidates.

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