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Comment Re:Canon S90 (Score 2, Informative) 115

I just checked the tripod mount on my S90, and it looks like it's smack bang in the centre of the lens.

As for the pop-out flash, it's motorised. I don't know if that makes it more os less robust, but there you go.

I've read that the S90 is basically the same as the G11 but with a different body and lens, which gives me hope that CHDK will be available for the S90 soon, since it already is for the G11. It does shoot RAW out of the box, though. You won't need CHDK for that.

Comment Re:Canon S90 (Score 1) 115

As others have pointed out, CHDK isn't supported on the S90 (yet, but it's being worked on). It also doesn't support 720p; video resolutions are only up to 640x480 @ 30fps. (But it's a great camera otherwise, and is widely praised as having good image quality and manual control, while being compact enough to carry around very easily.)

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