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Comment Re:Arbitrary? (Score 1) 345

I don't think I mentioned anything about the current legality of DUI checkpoints, merely that they are an arbitrary investigative tool used by the police. They impede my right to travel to search me for violations. Regardless of whether or not the constitutionality of tactic has been upheld, sure seems to run a grey line with me.

Comment Yep, C-level's are SOOO much smarter than . . . (Score 1) 189

the rest of us!

"We're not focusing on long-term fantasies, we're focusing on things we can do today," John Donahue said in a televised interview with Bloomberg TV Friday morning.

Ouch, his tie must be too tight. 20 years ago, Ebay was a "long-term fantasy". Imagine, a VIRTUAL AUCTION house where anyone on the planet can throw money at you!

Idiot suit.

Comment Short answer? (Score 1) 491

It can't.

It's like asking, how can politicians have a normal sex life without the media weighing in and the public thinking it's their business? The only difference being, most people believe that politicians should have no private lives while the rest of us schmucks can. The internet is become the great equalizer in many respects, some good, some not so good.

It is used as a tool to investigate prospective students, clients, employees, etc and whatever is found is fair game for using against a person. It was once playground and now, like everything else it has become a weapon.

The old bbs days when everyone had a nick is long gone. Huge databases are busy taking the anonymous and connecting it to real world identities. My nick here started as an anon account back in 97 and I think I managed to keep it separate from my real world identity for about 18 months. The OP is being nostalgic for something that hasn't existed for a long long time.

Comment Wow! (Score 3, Insightful) 133

Bullets are made out of black powder? All the ones I've used have been made out of lead or copper. How do those black powder bullets hold together?

Reporters, please learn the difference between:

Ammunition and bullets
Magazines and clips
Automatic vs Semi-Automatic

etc, when talking about firearms.

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