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Comment I hate it when companies decide what's good for me (Score -1) 284

..."We had not heard from our customers that this was an issue, but we saw an opportunity that is consistent with our goal of providing an enjoyable experience for families,"

So in short, they are determining and deciding on what constitutes an enjoyable experience for their clients.

I am not sying they do not reserve the right to do whatever they want on their network, but diseminating the mesage this way doesn't cut it for me.

Comment You should do better yourself... (Score 1) 23

...meanwhile media should stop unquestioningly parroting the worthless garbage numbers(like this "1.09 billion daily users") they spout out...

While I [largely] agree with your statement, let me say the following: -

Perhaps it would be better if you provided some authoritative figure(s) you think Facebook's daily users are. How about that?

Comment Kudos to JavaScript! (Score 1) 70

In fact, the entire algorithm to create the cloudless map was written in Javascript in the Earth Engine development interface."

Good to know Javascript is still relevant. The other day, I read some post here on Slashdot, about a fella who said TypeScript is better because it's "Java that scales." True or not, I have no clue!

Comment "US reactor" What exactly does that mean? (Score 1) 117

Watts Bar Unit 2 Is The First New US Nuclear Reactor In Decades

Does this statement mean that this reactor has no foreign [manufactured] parts?

Heck, we afterall rely on the Russians when it comes to space travel now. Just want to know whether all components of this reator are US of A designed and made.

Comment Wasting time, but it's OK. (Score 2, Interesting) 90

While action like this is good legally, I can almost guarantee that it won't change much. I see cunning fellas sell boxes that are benign, so do not flout the order.

What will happen is buyers being pointed to a website, from which a script to autoconfigure the box can be [freely] obtained.

I applaud the judge nevertheless..

Comment And this happens in the USA? (Score 3, Interesting) 621

That's where police can seize your property and cash without first proving you committed a crime; without a warrant and without arresting you, as long as they suspect that your property is somehow tied to a crime.

I thought I was reading about some regime in the east! Not this USA. What is the difference? This saddens me.

Comment Re:What is a valid use case for this? (Score -1) 60

Does a single use case exist where this would be useful?

Dunno of any case! But for the record, Linux zealots have been shooting in the dark for over 20 years now, thinking that something along the lines of "Linux on the desktop" would stick!

I have always told them: Without a decent interface, a small but useful (read easy) programming environment, and an army of sensible documentation editors, Linux on the desktop is a pipe dream!

I bet we will hit 3 decades!

Comment Yeah, right! "Reverberations around the internet!" (Score -1) 383

In a decision that one day could have reverberations across the internet, a three-judge panel in California decided she can sue the Model Mayhem site that the pair used to lure their victims.

I am just getting to know that a judge's decision in California over business done on the internet really matters to jurisdictions outside of the USA!

I laughed! Americans are really funny, interesting and somewhat intriguing people!

Yeah right, your decisions will affect folks in Russia, China and all the way down to New Zealand! Continue smoking what you have been smoking.

Comment Ohh what? wait a sec..! (Score 2, Insightful) 216

Private pilots cannot possibly comply with the myriad regulations that apply to the large airlines.

And this is in the "land of the free."

And that includes coporations that are by law treated as a person.

Now, this were the approach in one of those eastern countries, we would be celebrating our approach as done in the "land of the free!"

Comment Sadly, I agree with her! (Score 4, Insightful) 369

"...would-be programmers become proficient by designing prototypes and models that work for solving real problems, doing critical thinking and analysis, and creative collaboration -- none of which can be accomplished in one hour of coding..."

That's why the same approach she criticizes, if applied music, produces students that can play a paticular piece or pieces of "hard" music very well, but cannot meaningfully compose or even read music.

When it comes to coding, I prefer being introduced to the basics, then letting the student discover on their own why things work the way they do. I learned this way using Visual Basic.

I now have coded several applications in VB for people who had no idea Excel for example, could be run fully fledged business applications beyond simply adding up numbers.

Comment The Russians must be laughing... (Score 2) 267

It amazes me that our so called analysts then laugh at Russia for what they sometimes called its "rustbucket military hardware."

That was until [in Syria], it delivered a shock to us us in the west, with its successive wins on the battlefield, despite having less hardware compared to the west's.

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