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Comment Would this move would have prevented the IRAQ war? (Score 3, Insightful) 107

The company, which published a report on the subject today, defines these operations as government-led campaigns -- or those from organized "non-state actors" -- to promote lies, sow confusion and chaos among opposing political groups, and destabilize movements in other countries. The goal of these operations, the report says, is to manipulate public opinion and serve geopolitical ends.

I will never forget the then Secretary of State saying IRAQ had WMDs, leading to a war that has killed thousands and sown seeds of mayhem in Iraq.

They were not done. They then attacked one of the most prosperous Arab countries (read Libya).

They now have Syria in their sight...again to destabilize.

Whether this would have stopped the meaningless carnage I what I do not know.

I have not been a friend of FB, but they have my full support in this effort.

Comment How do they know it's work related? (Score 5, Insightful) 286

He worked long hours. He told his father and his wife that he felt immense pressure and stress at work, and was scared he'd lose his job...

Look , were all scared we'd lose our job. That's the nature of [most] work these days.

What I have learned in the west is that people do not really "enjoy life." They live to work. Laws surrounding how family matters are handled do not necessarily favor the male. These could all have had a hand in this.

I must say I am sorry for the family's loss. I also think we in the west need to take life easier a bit. It's not all about money. We should also understand that elsewhere in the world, there are folks who seem to be happier with much less than what we have here.

I know this, for I am well travelled. To conclude, let's not start blaming the employer right away. There's definitely much more to this than this piece says.

Comment GMail to the rescue, only if Google would behave.. (Score 1) 72

"Over the years we've realized that there are more capable email platforms out there," Verizon concedes.

I love GMail and I am sure Google wouldn't be hurt acquiring all those accounts.

My beef with GMail is in its "ugliness" by default, which makes one employ extensions to make it useful.

I love the way Outlook is laid out. In order to have this layout in Gmail, I need to use some experimental add-on!

Following an email thread is just too confusing. I am still learning how to use it myself...

I find Gmail colors too "bland" for my liking and options provided are a gimmick in my opinion.

Why can't I choose what labels are displayed on the left? I sometimes want to hide everything else apart from what has to do with email and to an extent, chat.

For Verizon, the demise of its email service is good riddance.

Comment Tesla will flourish if complexity is reduced... (Score 4, Interesting) 273

I say to Tesla: Reduce the complexity and(or) the gimmickry and see cash flow into your coffers. Folks, how about creating a near "normal" car with better range and more competitive pricing?

I for one know I'd be a sure customer. I also know that I am not alone. Who needs a car whose handles will pop out? These get "stuck" sometimes...and in a dusty environment, it gets worse!!

Comment The question to ask... (Score 1) 311

The average drug approved under the Orphan Drug Act of 1983 (ODA), which governs rare disease approval, costs $118,820 per year. Assuming a similar cost, if a single drug were approved under the ODA for 10% of rare diseases, the total would exceed $350 billion annually

In this chain of healthcare, who is making the money?

To be more precise, who is making a killing?

It's a fact that some entity (cabal) is making big cash, but find it hard to come to terms that this cabal or cabals are profiteering over the misery of others in these United States.

Comment Burnout is accelerated by incompetency... (Score 3, Insightful) 262

...You may wonder who exactly *is* incompetent in my post. I am referring to company leadership that has got no clue about how things run.

Sometimes, they do have a clue, but pretend not to know; or provide "non answers" or "non solutions" to real issues.

In many cases, these managers have risen up the ranks of the company solely because of *nepotism* and not capability.

Sometimes, they have risen because of "who you know" for lack of better terminology...

Sometimes they have risen because they [have] provided a "service" or "favor" to the founders or influential parties. I will leave the nature of this service or favor to your imagination...

And BTW, this is very common in today's USA as well. I am speaking as one who lives right here in this blessed "land of the free."

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