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Comment Saddam's WMD stories were also fake news? (Score 1) 158

while, as of early Saturday morning some sites are still running the original story claiming CNN did, in fact, broadcast 30 minutes of porn.

In the time leading to the 2003 Iraq war, the WMD coverage must have been fake too. This story ran for more than a year!!! [Respectable] news outlets blabbing with government propaganda, that resulted into an unnecessary war, that killed several thousand people! So, this is an example of fake news too?

Then after that, we blame Russia and those other entities we may not like? Can some soul explain this please? And what is the solution anyway?

At the State Department, the spokesman dodges questions saying he can't confirm this or that - if the news isn't what the government wants to hear but confirms hospitals as having been bombed since all information is from "credible sources".

I am saddened by all this. Who takes the blame I have no clue!!

Comment That's why the Russian's IMO, may be better (Score 1) 143

The ship's engineering plant -- the Integrated Power System (IPS) -- is arguably the most complex and unique in the service.

This statement should have read: "The ship's engineering plant -- the Integrated Power System (IPS) -- is arguably the most complex, unique and prone to failure and hacking in the service.Eemphasis mine.

Comment I thought Americans had freedom of speech... (Score 1, Insightful) 232

...Yes, freedom of speech which includes the freedom to say what may certainly be irrelevant, inaccurate or plain wrong to a particular situation.

has anyone ever followed the State Department's press conferences? I am sure that for those who have, its provision of "nonanswers" to difficult questions exposed the hypocrisy and utter disregard for the ordinary American.

One regime we support is "allowed" to humiliate some human beings, but if the regime isn't what we support, we condemn and sanction!

The trouble is, we then brag about it and preach! Americans looked through the BS and elected who they did.

FB should ask those who are complaining to go chew on some carrots if they're looking for how to get their mouths busy in a way.

Comment Why not simply investigate the `nose dive?' (Score -1, Troll) 113

The decision comes as Mozilla is trying to cut down development costs, after Firefox took a nose dive in market share this year.

Mozilla management should be fired. I am sure I contributed to that reported nose dive and I am glad I did. I ditched Firefox the moment Mozilla partnered with Microsoft. I am not alone!

That nose dive serves them right. Yes, it serves them right.

Comment Even in light of this, we're self congratulatory! (Score 4, Interesting) 193

This is a piece from CBS

Lt. Col. David Berke says there's no comparison between the F-35 and today's jet fighters.

David Berke: I'm telling you, having flown those other airplanes it's not even close at how good this airplane is and what this airplane will do for us.

David Martin: We have planes that are as fast as this.

David Berke: You bet.

David Martin: And can maneuver just as sharply as this one.

David Berke: Sure.

The Russians must be laughing!

The F-35's radars, cameras and antennas would scan for 360 degrees around the plane searching for threats and projecting, for example, the altitude and speed of an enemy aircraft, onto the visor of a helmet custom-fitted to each pilot's head.

They have had this technology in their SU-30s for at leat 4 years!

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