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Comment Layer it (Score 0) 197

Write it in the newest language you can find and put it in the cloud. It will take 10 lines of code to make the next hot must-have startup. Then sell it before people realize your code looks pretty but performs 40x faster when properly written in ugly C.

Comment Too optimistic. (Score 0) 444

I see a lot of optimism out there. Nobody wants to hear the truth based on current trends:

Ten years from now IT will spend 7 hours a day in bureaucratic meetings working on initiatives and teamwork building exercises and a half hour taking care of your actual problems. Dark days ahead, so it doesn't matter whether your stack is wireless, copper, or diamond.

Comment What climate model isn't flawed? (Score 0) 536

If carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is such a good insulator, why don't they line my coffee mug with it? What do they use instead? Vacuum. Vacuum is the best insulator there is, and guess what surrounds the atmosphere? Vacuum, that's what. You won't see me worried about CO2 as much as the millions of BTUs put out by the power plant and the 500watt video card it powers so you use to play WoW. Damn the man.

Comment Totally! (Score 1) 482

I agree. Instead of accepting the impermanence of things and wallowing in the crapulence of our sun burning out, what if it second guesses our puny human assumption that every star will burn out? What if it proves that stars can accumulate enough space debris fuel to be self-sustaining and in fact, the human assumption was wrong once again? What if it disproves or adds to modern physics? What if 42 isn't the answer after all?

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