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Star Wars Prequels

Big Changes Planned For The Force Unleashed 2 100

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed debuted in 2008 to less than stellar reviews, but sales of the game were strong. A sequel for the game is due out in October, and the developers spoke at length with the Guardian's Games blog about the improvements they've been working on. One of their priorities was adding depth to the combat system to make it less of a button-mash. "The team has completely redesigned all the familiar Force powers from the first title including Force Push and Force Grip, and has added a few newcomers including the potentially amusing Force Mind Trick that'll allow you to trick Storm Troopers into leaping from high ledges." Enemy AI is another area that's getting some love, and they're trying to make level design more open and less linear. The team's confidence in the changes they're making stems in part from much greater familiarity with their game-building tools. "Like its predecessor, Force Unleashed 2 will combine three third-party physics engines, Havok, Euphoria and Digital Molecular Matter, to provide cutting edge human animation, materials effects and authentic physical forces. ... 'Whenever you're building the first iteration [of a game series] and a brand new game engine at the same time, everything comes in hot and fast – we were literally figuring out how to get the most out of those three technologies all the way up to shipping. The DLC then helped us to learn more, and that knowledge has given us the biggest leap forward.'" A trailer for the game was released at E3.

Mom Arrested After Son Makes Dry Ice "Bombs" 571

formfeed writes "Police were called to a house in Omaha where a 14-year-old made some 'dry ice bombs' (dry ice in soda bottles). Since his mom knew about it, she is now facing felony charges for child endangment and possession of a destructive device. From the article: 'Assistant Douglas County Attorney Eric Wells said the boy admitted to making the bomb and that his mother knew he was doing so. The boy was set to appear Tuesday afternoon in juvenile court, accused of possessing a destructive device.'" She's lucky they didn't find the baking soda volcano in the basement.
Linux Business

Is LGP Going the Way of Loki Software? 124

An anonymous reader writes "After the demise of Loki Software, Linux Game Publishing sprouted up in its place, and for the past nine years has ported a number of games to Linux. But LGP may now be sharing the same fate as Loki. Linux Game Publishing hasn't updated its blog or news pages in months, has stopped responding to e-mails, and its only active ports are games they began work on in 2002/2003."

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 1) 1397

One of the places I worked also went with the heavenly bodies. However, after Charon (mis-pronounced by everyone as Sharon) we suddenly acquired a Tracey!

As an aside, I've worked at 6 places since, and in none of the places can I remember what a single server did. I still know exactly what Pluto, Arcturus, Jupiter, Altair, Siriius etc all did. It may have been a PITA for new people to work out where a server was, but once you had it, you knew exactly what each server did, and where it was in a memory aided way, not just a "work it out in my head from the name" way. LDNPSDB001 may be clearly(!) a London Production Server with a Database on it, but Arcturus was a DB server for Marketing running DB2, and key to month end campaigns.


Submission + - Norwegian Datacrime wants to block porn and p2p.

Jostein Hanken writes: "Norways 2nd biggest ( newspaper reported today that Norwegian Datacrime (A section under Justice and Police Department) will put forward a suggestion to the Justisminister (Minister of Justice?) that sais ISP's should block all internet content that is illegal. That includes websites that contain porn, illegal downloads, racism etc. In short, that means Datacrime wants to block half the content on the internet, giving Norway one of the hardest Internet laws in the western world. This has been reported in the papir edition of Dagbladet and online by ITavisen ( ). Both are in norwegian im afraid."

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