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Comment I believe it IS catching on (Score 1) 1162

If everyone hasn't gone Blu-ray yet, it's probably because there's a big up-front investment in a new player, new cables (say cable or composite vs. component or hdmi) and repurchasing all those DVDs in Blu-ray format. When pricing Blu-ray discs vs. DVD, you can generally find better deals in the DVD section. There are also a lot of titles that haven't been produced in the Blu-ray format, especially numerous TV shows which were never produced in hi-def. So, the DVD format is fairly entrenched. All of which is why it'll take a while for Blu-ray sales to outpace DVD sales. But I believe they will, eventually. I see the number of Blu-ray titles growing. The Blu-ray sections of the store are getting bigger all of the time. I know I'm buying more Blu-ray discs when I have the choice.

Comment Re:Wow, self-fragmentation on Android... (Score 1) 193

...anyone else think this is a seriously bad idea?

You're essentially creating two operating systems to develop for. Now I don't just have to support the quirks of iPhone+iPad+iTouch/Android I have to support Android Tablet as well.

I seriously hope, and there very likely is, a plan at Google exists for merging at 3.1 or something similar. Come on Google, Android is much more developer friendly than iOS, let's keep it that way (please note that I did not say 'better'.)

1. You're still one Android option less than Apple (iphone, ipod, ipad)
2. You should already be making allowances for the variety of devices on which Android currently runs.
3. I'm not even sure it's safe to assume your market is all currently comfortably in the Android version 2.1+ range. You might still want to consider the Android versions.

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