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Comment Re:Best of both worlds (Score 1) 137

Sounds like a lame way to watch a game. You may as well just watch the highlights and box score.

Depending on the announcers for the sport, you really don't miss much if you fast forward through commercials and the repeated facts and
anecdotes that really don't add any value to the game.

Things like:

You know, he's the second most famous alumni from some college you've never heard about. Toyota

He's the thirteenth leading passer in the league on days divisible by two

Last game of the year Brent, can't hold anything back now.

Comment It's always best to start at the beginning (Score 1) 57

Speaking as a slightly paranoid home user.

Every time I add a new device to my network, I do a nmap port scan on it. Something like:
sudo nmap -A -T4 ipaddress

If access to those ports are needed, I'll do some poking on them, depending on what they are and probably some research to determine if they have had any security issues, and do a risk analysis.

Work follows a completely different model. Everything is blocked, there are various levels of approvals needed to open any ports. External access directly to internal systems without proxies/frontends/webheads is almost never granted. Periodic reviews, pen testing and renewals for exceptions are mandatory.

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