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Comment HEVC or 2 Pass ... or both. (Score 1) 285

So cant really go full HEVC, a lot of embedded devices in old TVs etc cant cope. But if it can take HEVC then do it for 60% for the same visual quality, so they need to start creating HEVC encoded versions as well as better H264. Then comes the 1 pass with 'constant quality' versus 2 pass with 'constant bitrate' (typically). If you use the 1st pass to work out where to apply savings, and encode on the 2nd pass to work at a variable bitrate that lowers space when it can, then its more than feasible to nail down 20%.

Submission + - Ebay Compromised (paypal-community.com) 1

bobsta22 writes: Ebay/Paypal have has a security compromise requiring them to have all users change their passwords. As yet only a press release. Lets hope theres more juice on this.

Comment Oh really? (Score 1) 247

Will take more than the flacid platitudes. The teaching staff need a good degree of training, not 'rote', and oh how nice it would be that they loved this subject as I do. One can only hope that they hit the nail on the head with this back in my day (remember Logo?), and there are enough good Birtish heads to come up with an idea or two - the BBC of old perhaps. But please god - not BIG business and BIG Marketing crap. And back to staff - they can barely scrape out Maths teachers these days .. decent skilled computing people are so thin on the ground, a classroom of moaning scrotes will never seem appealing.

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