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Comment Re: Not really needed for drones (Score 1) 20

Modulation designators that state the payload type don't make much sense with digital data transports. You can do digital TV or anything else with 4 MHz bandwidth. Cellular doesn't make much sense unless they have a really long hover time and drone life, in which case it could be a pop-up base station.

Comment Re:Coast Starlight (Score 1, Insightful) 392

Why not start upgrading the track to run at 150 mph in segments and speed up the trip?

Because Amtrak is a corporate welfare basket case that will never come close to justifying itself economically. We have aircraft now. Passenger rail is for short-distance commuting, and it's barely cost effective at that.

If done correctly, high speed rail could work on the west coast.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


Comment Were do you see Swift heading? (Score 1) 338

Were do you see Swift heading?

Does Swift want to become a modern feasible replacement for other cross-plattform technologies like Qt or is it focussed on Apple plattdorms?

Were/are there plans to build a full-blown cross-plattform application layer ecosystem for Swift, including IDE and a plattform agnostic standard lib or is this a thing left to anyone wanting to it themselves?

Thanks for answers. And good luck at and for Tesla!

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