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Comment Concise apology for easy PR recovery (Score 2) 576

He still comes across as a jerk, contrite only to try to get people to stop harassing him. Seems like he can't shut up because his ego just won't let go.

This concise explanation / apology (and say nothing else) would have gone a long way, and it might even be somewhat true:

Right or wrong (and Dave was right), no customer deserves to be treated the way I treated Dave. My lashing out at others in the gaming industry was just as bad. I apologize unconditionally to each and all of them.

Between running a company and raising an infant, sleep has eluded me. Sleep deprivation can have profound effects on people. Some of you who have raised children might understand. This in no way excuses my behavior: I'm only saying it to let people know what propelled me down such a terrible path.

Add another line or two about how he hopes his behavior won't kill such a great gamer product, and done.

Comment Studios greed will be their undoing (Score 3, Interesting) 243

The studios' accounting tricks in their standard artist's contract is what will kill them. Awesome.


Not only have recording artists traditionally paid for the making of their records themselves, with advances from the record companies that are then charged against royalties, they are also exempted from both the obligations and benefits an employee typically expects.

Here's my favorite article about record contracts from the pre-internet era:

Comment Re:valuated (Score 2) 295

...should Facebook be valuated...

We should have more financious intellectious discussions like this.

As silly as it sounds, valuated is the correct term for appraisal / valuation. Probably a derivative of evaluated.

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