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Comment Re:2560x1600 should be good for anyone! (Score 5, Interesting) 661

I see what you've done there. You've taken the word "consumer" and inserted the word "sheep", inventing your own brand new word "consheepmer", in order to suggest that most people who buy things make their decisions based on the decisions of others, rather than carrying out their own in-depth research into all the options available. Well done, you should be proud of yourself.

Comment Re:They weren't doing that already? Lame (Score 1) 288

Almost all of their potential customer base weren't even aware beforehand that there was an Apple product announcement due today. Of those that were, only a tiny fraction would have wanted to watch it live. No-one's hearing this 'message' you've invented. I believe they are planning to market this product via means other than just the keynote.

It sucks, but not for the reasons you give.

Comment Re:Oh yeah?? (Score 1) 1052

Older people have more money to spend on expensive smartphones.

But they have a lot less time in which to buy countless revisions of said smartphones. That younger market will grow up and have money of its own, and you must have noticed how Apple customers tend to be quite fanatical^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H loyal...

Comment Re:RSS (Score 1) 117

RSS piped through Google Reader onto the 'Reeder' app is a very nice reading experience. It's a PITA that I now have to View Source, CTRL+F, "rss" on sites that don't explicitly advertise their own feed, but that's the browser manufacturers' fault for removing the native RSS functionality - why they all chose to do that, I'm still trying to fathom.

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