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Comment Nisus Writer! (Score 0) 220

As a former Mac word processor dissident, this really brings back some memories. I mean on the first computer I ever owned, a Power Computing 604e machine (Mac Clone) I insisted on using ClarisWorks 4 throughout high school for all my papers. For a few months I defected, but only to use the equally awesome Nisus Writer. I'm not sure if Nisus Writer still exists, but I remember it being a powerful, yet easy to use word processor with lots of cool features. Anyway, I've long since sold out to MS Office for Mac. When I got my G4 desktop for college, it came with Word and I just decided to give in and use the best tool available. I mean for a while ClarisWorks was pretty compatible, but by 2001 it was a good bet to use MS Word to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Or maybe I'm just rationalizing a poor decision...sigh.

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