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Comment Flash Slave (Score 1) 478

get a flash slave, which is used to trigger big studio flash using a flash on the camera, basically it's a relay that will complete the circuit when it detects flash being fired, you could wire this to the interior light to produce bright lights when somebody tries to take a photo with a flash, which should overexposes Unfortunately, it doesn't help if the person taking a picture doesn't use flash, and good cameras can compensate or adjust overexposure Expensive systems on yacht uses infra-red camera to look for camera's ccd and fire lasers at the camera You could try to blast the whole area with IR with spinning IR laser like a discoball

Comment this thing need a fairing (Score 2) 65

in order to sell to organizations, the thing need to look more professional instead of cobbled together from random parts first, this thing need a rubberized fairing that can flex with the spring, and painted to suit intended users, yellow brown is good, black is better and then add options for helmet mount, you can put this on hardhats in construction site or police's helmet, or if the hardware can be rotated, the spring can probably be mounted on a belt

Comment Symbian is still alive but for how long? (Score 2) 447

The latest Sybian Anna phone's pretty decent and finally caught up in features and usability with Android or iOS, I was looking for a new phone a couple of weeks ago and I was really tempted to try one... but looking at Nokia's appstore, it's pretty empty... coupled with less than enthusiastic salespeople that say the return rate for these Nokia models are quite high, I got myself a low-end Samsung with Android for half the price instead, This being my first touch phone, my previous one was the qwerty Nokia N72, a phone built so good back then I predicted it'd be the last Nokia I'll ever own, and it was. Nokia still differentiate between their middle or high-end phones on OS, with lower end being S40, while the Koreans like Samsung and LG, and even Sony are starting to have cheap Android phones now, for a price of a 'feature phone' you could have the latest and greatest apps like the flagship phone too... People are saying that Nokia still dominates the low-end market, I see it as not for long as smartphones become cheaper and move downmarket.

Comment who still writes assembly? (Score 1) 577

Remember when you have to code your own apps or type one out? or even punch cards or switches The dumbing down of user interface's natural progression is the lockeddown user-centric apps of iOS Just as loading programs from floppy or cd-roms seems quaint now, finding, downloading and running apps from outsidethe walled garden will soon be too. Sure you might be ableto do more by writng/loading your own apps,the convenience will win out Hopefully there'll still be linux for tinkerers

Comment the issue is not locking down (Score 1) 827

even if Apple never locks down the mac, the mere presence of the App store will force developers to get on the store, after all how can you compete with that much exposure and convenience? Joining the app store is survival, then it's more power to Apple, which is not a good thing.

Comment Books Vs CDs (Score 1) 350

Most of the songs in my iPods are ripped from CDs I bought, it took significant time to rip my whole collection of CDs, but it is doable, the same can't be said for scanning my books collection already purchased, some I could easily find a torrent, but many aren't available on any store. With right now, there's just not that many source for e-books, legal and otherwise.

Comment Re:I'm sorry, but you are wrong. (Score 1) 964

I think the key word here is prejudice, even I too get a lot of prejudiced treatment for just being not white although I live in my own country White tourists would say "Oh you spoke good English!" and I have to hold back not to retort with something condescending. Most of it is in good -intention, but yeah, it gets tiring I don't know what would be worse, people getting PC'ed up and can't speak their mind or people being ignorant

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