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Comment Re:NSA aint helping either (Score 1) 177

Or ....

It's actually a big conspiracy perpetrated by the British government to stop British people emigrating. I get over 120meg down the fibre the cable company kindly laid right to my house. What possible reason would I have for emigrating to Australia or the US if I have to swap my fibre for two cans and a bit of string? :-)


Comment Re:English (Score 1) 164

There was a time when French was the standard second language across much of Europe. Finance, law, business, diplomacy were all conducted in French. The aristocracy spoke French. The university students were taught in French.

I'm not trying to say English is better but I would be interested to hear your views on why English took over from French when French had such a lead and "some internal fitness" has nothing to do with it.



Comment I still have fond memories of Sunos! (Score 1) 409

I remember getting a Sunos box past 2 years of uptime and that was used every day as my personal desktop machine in the 90's. Those 19inch mono screens are great for xterms.

I suspect in a few years, there will be quite a few Raspberry Pi computers buried in hardware projects happily ticking over. I know I will be using some of the camera boards for long term time lapse photography so I hope they last a few years without reboots. :-)



Submission + - When is a tablet not a tablet? (

bob_jordan writes: Sony have released an all in one 20" touch screen desktop with an interesting feature. It has a battery and can (if your wrists are strong enough) be used as a 20" tablet computer. Albeit a 5kg tablet computer. Will there be much of a market for a 20" tablet PC?

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