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Comment Re:Needless confusion (Score 1) 71

There are many "container" architectures sprouting up. LXC, with last year's release of v1.x and introduction of "unprivilieged" containers, nested containers, overlayfs support & snapshots and now recently CRIU... is a great toolset.
Recently Stephane Graber et al announced LXD (lex-dee) and Stephane put out the following email description of purpose:


The GitHub site has a directory for specifications which is a really interesting read because it covers things like "remote" contianer management.

Comment FOSS Documentation (Score 1) 430

I think today many people utilize either realtime chat/IRC etc or email lists or even facebook to share or exchange info on how to do things, solutions to bugs or misconfigurations etc. Look at YouTube and how immense the number of training & how-to video's are there now on anything from OpenStack to LXC.

Comment Graphene products - where to dump them?? (Score 2) 88

Computer/Electronic waste is already such a huge problem that whole companies exist whose existance is to ship that waste to 3rd world countries where they are more or less dumped to contaminate water & soils.
Since from everything I've read Graphene is nearly indestructable.... "It would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness of Saran Wrap [cling film]." -

Before it becomes the next asbestos or coal-ash.. that no one "wants in their town"... anyone heard how Graphene based waste would be handled??

Comment SSDs and MTBF - important to know B4 buying SSDs (Score 1) 353

SSDs are great but some vendors are experiencing a very low MTBF rating in some of their products. If you are going to rely on one for your system then I'd spend a few minutes comparing reported failure rates among your selected choices for an SSD vendor & the specific product you have in mind. Some of these SSDs are failing at a higher rate than even the mechanically based spinning platter drives.

Comment Re:HyperDuo (Score 1) 353

The dual drives I have seen (assuming this is what the vendors/stores call Hybrid drives) seem to me to be a shill. The do embed an SSD but they also make the platter HD piece a 5600 rpm drive instead of a 7200 rpm drive. So its faster with the SSD component but much slower with the platter side of the unit. Not sure I'd pay for that when I could just add an SSD to my system and leave my 7200rpm drives in situ.

Comment Excuses (Score 4, Interesting) 123

I believe there are companies that are using the excuse of the Affordable Care Act to lower benefits and thus save costs. If AOL hadn't used the excuse of the AFA then it would have been some other excuse. I don't suppose anyone saw the interview withe AOL CEO? Jeez that was an aweful looking work environment. There must have been a thousand people all sitting in from of keyboards on row after row of very long tables. The only interaction a person seems to have are to the person left or right of themself. I also noticed nearly everyone seemed to have their lunch in front of them (evidenced by take-out bags, a dish etc in view). Many tech workers any more are being asked to work like senseless drones at their jobs. I don't know where AOL employee satisfaction ranks but I see that AOL is NOT listed in the top 100 companies to work for in 2014:

Comment Elon Musk's SolarCity - great deal if u can get it (Score 1) 1030

SolarCity installs solar panels on your house for free and then you pay them for your electricity at a greatly reduced rate from what you used to pay your local electric company. Solarcity tho' is not licensed to do business in every state yet but it is in a lot of States... check if yours is.

Comment IaaS clouds will charge for storage & I/O $$ (Score 1) 121

You might be able to utilize something like AWS S3 storage which is low cost for the storage but AWS will also charge you for I/O to/from S3. This can become very costly if you transfer alot of data into/out-of AWS S3.

Remember with a Cloud provider you have to pay to transfer the data IN and to transfer the data OUT.

Have you priced what a faster internet connection would cost you?
Or a 2nd Internet connection just for this video traffic?
Look beyond the Cable MSO's also, what is a FIOS based service's top speed?

You mention you BMP images being ~5MBytes (I assume mb = Meg Bytes and not Meg bits). Your current Internet is 100Mbps so one of your images takes 40% of your entire internet connection when being transfered (5MB x 8 bits = 40Mbits).

It takes an image every 3 to 5 seconds.

It seems to me that your problem may be more the bursti-ness of this traffic that cause you problems not necessarily the amount of data. Your internel "work" network is being hit every 3-5 seconds. Assuming your internal lans are 1Gbps ethernet this still shouldn't be a problem unless its your co-workers complaining that their "internet" access is too slow when 40% of the BW goes away every 3-5 seconds while transferring the image.

Lastly, you might want to make sure that your network Routers are not dropping pkts during those bursts because that will just be retransmitted packets which will only exacerbate your problem.

Submission + - Canonical's Edge phone is still the first attempt to get Mobile carrier's attn (

bmullan writes: There are a LOT of linux users that have a beef with Canonical over Ubuntu. Some of those folks have technical reasons and some are just PO'd at Unity or whatever is the soup-d-jour complaint.

Ubuntu Edge is the first attempt I've seen to get some serious looks by the Mobile Carriers at ANY Linux implementation on a Phone .. and yes I know Android is related to Linux but Ubuntu Edge could really open a door for Linux in general here. Opening opportunities for future mobile phones that the Mobile Carriers will allow to have Ubuntu or "other" Linux implementations on them.

I am an ubuntu user and I have bought one of the Edge devices. My hope was that enough of the non-Ubuntu ... Linux community would see this as an "opening" for linux that everyone should try to support whether they are an Ubuntu user or not ... we are all Linux users... just sayin'

Comment Couldn't get Splashtop v2 to work (Score 1) 96

I installed Splashtop on Ubuntu
installed splashtop clients on my Windows 7 and my 2 Android tablets and on my Samsung Skyrocket android phone.

I could not get the connection to work. I'm technical but there is little to no documentation available online other than
a few FAQs. If you need help you have to submit a ticket online and I suppose you wait until someone gets back to you via

I guess I'll wait 6 months and let it bake and then try it again.

Submission + - Seamless Windows Apps use on Linux Desktop (

bmullan writes: "I put a 10 min video on YouTube showing how to enable seamless Windows App use on a Linux desktop using:
1) Linux (I use Ubuntu) and KVM
2) a Win7 Ultimate/Enterprise VM dedicating only a single cpu core to the Windows VM
3) Microsoft's RemoteApp protocol
4) FreeRDP — a Linux CLI tool implementing support for the RemoteApp & RemoteFX Protocols
5) WinConn — a linux GUI front-end to FreeRDP

1) will run ANY windows app so no Wine limitation
2) unlike using Rdesktop you don't have to see the entire Windows Desktop environment
3) only need to "publish" on Windows a single RemoteApp ... to enable all Win Apps on the Win7 VM to be run on Linux
4) file share to/from your Linux filesystem/apps and the Windows filesystem/apps
5) FreeRDP does support Sound Redirection
6) FreeRDP does printer redirection
7) FreeRDP does support Microsoft RemoteFX
8) FreeRDP does compression but not needed here.

1) you do have to keep the Windows 7 VM running but minimized on your system
2) FreeRDP has not yet implemented ClipBoard
      redirection to/from or from/tom Linux/WIndows
      although the Developer has that targeted soon."

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