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Comment Re:pretty sure this has always been the case... (Score 1) 281

As in, installing Windows after installing Linux will mess with the boot loader. Everyone running a dual boot system should already be aware of this since the recommendation is always to install Linux second. New major updates to Windows 10 are basically entirely new operating systems. They just make the process more transparent these days.

I am pretty sure when I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 my linux partition was still there and still working. I was really surprised by this.

Comment Re:Just what I want (Something like it) (Score 1) 360

The way you have to uninstall programs in windows is so tedious. You have to uninstall one program at a time and click though all the wizards. It would be awesome if you could just uncheck all the programs you want to remove and it would be all automated. Linux does the install/remove process right.

Comment get from other countries (Score 1) 372

I see other people commenting that it would be cheaper to just go to another country to get your pills because it is cheaper but how is this possible? You can just go to another country with your prescription and get your pills? A pharmacy will just take your prescription from a doctor that is not even from the same country? A doctor doesn't need to be licensed in that country to fill the prescription? Can anyone answer this?

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