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Comment Re:5MB in total - Nothing to see here. (Score 1) 133

For another fun comparative reference, the average size of a typical hard drive is over a three orders of magnitude larger in 2017 compared to 1992.

Wasting 5MB across a shitton of files is noise - would you care about a stray 5MB file? I sure wouldn't.

A great deal if it is probably lost in partially allocated blocks, and thus does not use any additional space over and above what the file already uses.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 440

Agreed. My expense in the summer months is more than twice as much in the summer months compared to the rest of the year - the only difference in usage is that the A/C runs (I have gas heat). My point - which I think I made poorly - was that it's total energy usage including the cost of externalizations that matters, not strictly electric consumption. With the cost of electricity being what it is, coupled with the ongoing externalities of burning fossil fuels, gas dryers make less sense here.

Comment Re:No Human Element? (Score 2) 81

See, your mistake is assuming that those things (facial expressions and past actions) matter in a game where the winner is very clearly almost always the person with the best chances at winning based on the cards they hold.

This ignores the fact that a great many no-limit hands do not go to showdown. The worse hand wins frequently.

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