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Comment Re:MSI, Clevo, and Compal make "barebooks" (Score 1) 238

Yeah imagine that, people have different requirements. You did note the "IMO" at the end of sentence, yes?

Aside from "significantly heavier", "significantly more expensive" doesn't get past purchasing or accounting at work. Perhaps I should lecture them on the value of "choosing freedom over the mainstream".

Comment Re: Except they do already (Score 1) 128

I have a Dell Precision M4700 that I only reboot as a result of security patches being applied. It's predecessor was a different model in the Precision line that was trouble free for many years, until the video card finally took a dump.

Dell has made some shitty business models, however. You get what you pay for.

Comment Re:If I thought it would help... (Score 1) 279

a) I've never had to show ID to work - and even if it were true that people today have to show ID to get a job - that only means that they have to HAD ID at some point. You ever lost your wallet?

b) there are multitudes of under the table cash-paying jobs out there, many of which are filled by people who are eligible to vote.

Or are you happy to disenfranchise them as well?

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