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Comment Re:Not just meth (Score 1) 757

When people are discouraged from learning any science, you can make up any old bullshit about anything, call it dangerous and a threat, or beneficial and life-preserving, and sell it to them by the arcane black arts of marketing. How many industries and mega-corporations owe their very existence, much less their hegemony, on some unprovable BS or some over-simplified model of the reality & universe? Education and open debate and the freedom to be able to call bullshit is the only way H.Sap will ever crawl from the mud. And we would still have a long way to go to get all of our eggs out of the basket[case] Earth.

Comment Re:The Governor General UpperCut (Score 1) 189

You are of course aware that the Governor-General is an appointed position, selected by the Prime Minister and they usually hold office for only a few years. It’s got to be a pretty special kind of person who gets picked to be a figurehead, then disagrees with and actively opposes the person/party that appointed them. It happens, but it’s the very rare exception, instead of the rule.

Comment "It's Unix! I know that language!" (Score 1) 121

I blame Wayne Knight. If he had been a bit thinner, perhaps with a German accent, and been less bumbling, maybe the world would THINK about the means it uses to keep various carnivorous dinosaurs from leaving their security enclosures. And Crichton should have named the character von Nedry-Schleswig, or something. You've got to take the bad guys seriously if you have NO IDEA how they do their evil plans. No, no metaphors at all in that paragraph.

Comment Re:Change the biz name (Score 1) 519

You've hit the gaming strategy nail on the head. The corporations, suppliers, advisors, allies, assets, customers and competitors, et al, aren't the game players. They are the pieces in the game. It's the lawyers who are the game players, and they win regardless what happens to you and your company. Effectively, you now need to hire your own mercenaries to protect your settlement from the ronin threatening to attack. And yours have to be better than the ronin. Looking at history, the rulers of kingdoms stand a relatively good chance of being replaced by the mercenaries they hire to protect their kingdoms.

Comment Laser probing for everyone! (Score 1) 116

Does the eye-tracking technology involve lasers scanning pupil position? Because this will create a brand new way for fiction writers to kill/enslave their characters. Let's not worry about the power/modulation issues right now. Someone will figure out a somewhat plausible hack for it.

Comment Re:Bleak. (Score 1) 169

I want someone to conduct a neuro-anatomy study on the people who back legal recourse over winning business models. I really suspect that they will demonstrate larger amygdalas and generally not be very capable of seeing long feedback loops that don't have large amounts of cash being taken from others and deposited in their accounts. Those who know intuitively that fair use is good for everyone will clearly have larger anterior singulate cortexes, and be able to feel compassion for the whole eco-system, and be able to craft concepts that benefit more people for longer than their brutish, neanderthal-like legal attack dogs.

Comment Re:most of the PAY warez sites seems to seen scams (Score 1) 421

It wouldn't be the first time I've found errors in otherwise reputable sources. It's hard work to track down all the details in the original sources for things, and even supposedly primary sources can be inaccurate, especially if there is any PR controversy involved. I expect that if you searched other lyrics sites you'd find slightly different information. It's very difficult to clearly identify the canonical information, perhaps especially on sites created by volunteer enthusiasts, although current thinking about Wikipedia's accuracy and relevance is clearly swaying to better, not worse, credibility. Whatever the case, I've heard the Louis Prima version, and I've heard Roth's version, and until looking at the Wikipedia article, just now, had no idea that the song came from Austria in the 1920s. History can sure drag you to some funny places, can't it?

Comment Re:most of the PAY warez sites seems to seen scams (Score 1) 421

Not arguing against what you're saying, but there is one teensy challenge that D/L & BitTorrent champions never volunteer, beacuse it splashes a little water on their bright shiny fires. Until you download and start watching the file will you have any real idea of whether the quality is there. I know a lot of people who seem to care more for the fact that they got something from a BitTorrent site than if the file itself was created and bundled with a quality experience in mind. Recorded something off your iPhone 4, cut it with iMovie on your phone, then uploaded to the BitTorrent, where the file is labelled "Tom Waits: Private Concert" and you grab it, thinking it's some gem, and it tunrs out to be a botched pile of crap, low res, badly cropped, with really, really crappy homemade titles with the name of the doufus who "made" it over the first 40 seconds. Yeah. That was a good use of my time. Like I said, I'm not arguing at all about D/L of info. If it's valuable, you'll make money, even if the information is given for free, If you're that smart to recognize you'll benefit more from the strategy of abundance (which implies an economics of abundance), you're probably smart enough to come up with more brilliant ideas which will do the same. Isn't only only 1 in 10 VC-seed capital companies make it? It's that return that keeps the VCs in the game.

Comment Re:most of the PAY warez sites seems to seen scams (Score 1) 421

Did David-Lee Roth change the lyrics from the original? I've never tried listening to both songs back to back. It doesn't seem like a song that needs that much analysis. Say, is that a good idea for a mashup app? Shazam + Diff! We know the song, we know the arrangement and recording, we know the singer. Diff the lyrics, and show who monkeyed with the Lyrics.

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