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Comment Re:Underspecced? (Score 1) 105

It's a makerbot replicator type, and cheaper than that. Direct feed, enclosed. If it works like a replicator in quality, you will be happy.

The PLA is no good though. Great for decorative things, but if you actually want to do prototyping of engineering stuff, you want ABS.

Comment Re: Progenitors? (Score 1) 686

Because we obviously never have extinction-level events that could destroy everything in orbit.

Please explain how one of those could destroy all evidence of satellites in orbit. A meteore might be huge for the surface of the Earth, but at 35,786 km it would merely be a blip. The other causes of mass extinction have even less influence.

Comment Re: Progenitors? (Score 1) 686

An interesting point. However, given the action of plate tectonics and erosion causing the extreme remodeling of the earth in the last 65 million years, it's possible that intelligent, even technologically advanced, dinosaurs could have existed, yet all traces have been erased by natural processes. That's not even a hypothesis, nor is it even science, as the idea isn't falsifiable. However, it is just as valid a conjecture as any that posit the existence (or non-existence) of extra-solar intelligent life.

No, if they existed, their geostationary satellites would be visible above the Indian ocean (stable point for those due to Earth gravity). Decay of those orbits is very, very, slow. Even if destroyed my micrometeorites, sufficients small parts should have remained.

Comment Re:Product definition, they're doing it wrong (Score 1) 121

The linux runs in a chroot inside ChromeOS. So, you use a tab of the browser to start your linux, then use the F keys to switch to it, and back. In other words, you need to see linux as an application you run inside ChromeOS, not as a different installed OS. Files are stored in the Downloads folder, and go to your google drive like that via the ChromeOS file manager. See

Comment Re:Range is the issue (Score 1) 258

However the Fiat starts at $32K which almost $10K less than the BMW. Making a car light without other sacrifices does require more expensive materials, so I would expect more from the BMW than the Fiat, and evidently it delivers.

The Fiat boss also said they loose some 5000 on every car sold, which is the reason they are only sold in California as a 'compliance car'. BMW on the other hand sees this as a real product

Comment Re:Firrrst post the noo (Score 1) 286

He said: "The UK has a veto vote, so the changes of Schotland becoming a member are up to the remaining UK". He hence evaluated the chance of the EU to allow Schotland in very poor. That is, the UK is part of the EU and would not allow Schotland in.

This is a very, very important point to make, and he was right to make it. Cyprus is also blocking Turkey, Greece Macedonia, ...

Comment Re:Note To Management (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Actually, if you read LF, you would see that indeed, those 3 write most of the articles. A 4th one also quit, but can't join Voice till January due to some contract clause.

Other good articles typically are from independents. If you look on the idiegogo page, you will see they also need a budget for such articles, based on a fixed fee per page.

Comment Re:Is anyone giving money to Sony? (Score 1) 254

So you are anticipating the company that took away a highly touted software feature (the "Other OS" feature) via a required system update (as in required if you ever wanted to play another game on your system) is going to add new capabilities to the PS4 that they went to special effort to prevent upon launch?

On a completely unrelated note, I have this really great bridge that I need to sell for a bargain basement price. Are you interested?

Nowhere did I say I would buy the PS4, so no, not interested in your bridge either. I might buy it though begin 2016 or so. I understand this might be hard for you, but try to put yourself in the mind of Sony. Who is using DLNA? Is Sony, apart from selling the PS4, earning money with that? Would it have much impact on selling the PS4? Can we make deals with netflix, local cable companies, ...., to offer movies for rent? Can our televisions not do DLNA directly? Hey, yeah, who knew, our televesions do that, why would the PS4 be needed for an extra bridge?

Sony is a consumer electronics company. What they are doing does not seem to go counter to that.

Comment Re:Is anyone giving money to Sony? (Score 1) 254

Did you notice Sony will only let you watch streamed Video and Music sold to you by them? No DLNA support No USB support No using a PS4 for home media

I've been called a paid Sony Shill on these forums, and I'm now saying that the XBox is the best all-round device for the next generation.

I used PS3 for streaming over DLNA. Now I use a dedicated tool that gives me actual freedom. I bought the PS3 because of those possibilities, that is true, but now that I used it, I would hope the PS4 is just really good at games. Sony-non-gaming only wants cinavia and other crap to add on those things.

As to the PS4, as all these things are essentially just software, I'm personally convinced they will add them eventually, after trying an itunes approach or collaboration with a specific provider per country via an app. If those fail, they will/can add them.

Comment Re:Because of the Limited Lifespan? (Score 1) 202

Looking at HD content on my 10+ year old Panasonic plasma (yes, no hdmi, that was not out yet). Still looks great ... and better than the LCDs of that time. How it looks was the reason to buy it.

This is actually one of the few electronics products in my house I've been really satisfied with. Customers like me would buy LED now though. If you are BMW, you need to move with the best products in class: aluminium, electronic car, ... . Plasme could never shift to the lower segment as LCD had that well covered for less price.

Comment Re:Peer review stretched to its limit by money (Score 1) 316

Peer review for articles also is failing. You need to publish and write project proposals, so time for review is much more limited than it used to be. Hence you will start to trust derivations/leaps more, instead of recalculating/checking. In the end, more bad articles filter through.

Personally, I haven't done a review during the last year. Not having job certainty is not a good motivator to spend time on things which are important but have zero impact on your job possibilities.

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