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After 2 Years of Development, LTSP 5.2 Is Out 79

The Linux Terminal Server Project has for years been simplifying the task of time-sharing a Linux system by means of X terminals (including repurposed low-end PCs). Now, stgraber writes "After almost two years or work and 994 commits later made by only 14 contributors, the LTSP team is proud to announce that the Linux Terminal Server Project released LTSP 5.2 on Wednesday the 17th of February. As the LTSP team wanted this release to be some kind of a reference point in LTSP's history, LDM (LTSP Display Manager) 2.1 and LTSPfs 0.6 were released on the same day. Packages for LTSP 5.2, LDM 2.1 and LTSPfs 0.6 are already in Ubuntu Lucid and a backport for Karmic is available. For other distributions, packages should be available very soon. And the upstream code is, as always, available on Launchpad."

Breaking the Squid Barrier 126

An anonymous reader writes "Dr. Steve O'Shea of Auckland, New Zealand is attempting to break the record for keeping deep sea squid alive in captivity, with the goal of being able to raise a giant squid one day. Right now, he's raising the broad squid, sepioteuthis australis, from egg masses found in seaweed. This is a lot harder than it sounds, because the squid he's studying grow rapidly and eat only live prey, making it hard for them to keep the squid from becoming prey themselves. If his research works out, you might one day be able to visit an aquarium and see giant squid."

Comment Re:So technically (Score 1) 554

Well the one thing right in your post is that it is true, you are never going to walk into a restaurant and say "I would like tuna sushi" and get tuna fried rice, because that isn't what "sushi" is referring to. "Sushi" means rice in so much as it is referring to the fact that sushi is raw fish with rice as compared to sashimi which is without rice. You will never find a restaurant in Japan that serves anything thing but raw fish served in or in vinegared rice if you order tuna sushi, and you will also find that you will never be served only raw tuna without rice if you order tuna sushi. This is true in the US too. The problem stems from the fact in America we don't eat just raw fish without rice, so there was never any need to import the word sashimi so in the minds of English speakers "Sushi" referred to the raw fish part of raw fish and rice, compared to the Japanese meaning which means sashimi with rice. In conclusion, I think starting poster of this treads pedantic point was that saying sushi is dangerous is just silly, since it isn't raw fish with rice that is dangerous, it is raw fish. Therefore why focus on the fish with rice part by using the word Sushi. It is like if there was an outbreak of mad cow disease and a study saying "Hamburgers Dangerous" while that is true, would it not be more help to say "Beef Dangerous" since there is nothing about a bun, lettuce, and a tomato that would make hamburgers more dangerous than just eating a beef paddy.

Comment Re:I don't think we're ready for this jelly (Score 1) 227

While I can't say anything about the test of them, but Nomura's Jelly Fish is one of the (I think) two jelly fish eaten in China and Japan. Along with, according to the Japanese Wikipedia, a jelly fish, appropriately called the Edible jellyfish, though the scientific name is Rhopilema esculenta. While the Edible jellyfish is know as more delicious and fetches a higher price in China they are both perfectly edible. The other problem is China and Japan view the problem differently, because Japanese people do not traditionally eat jellyfish they tend to view the surplus of jellyfish in terms of invaders, while China has a tendency to view it as more jellyfish to eat. Though there are several Japanese companies who have started using Nomura's jellyfish as an ingredient in different foods as a way to try to deal with the influx of the jellyfish in recent years. This caused several problems last year, when several companies were expecting hauls of jellyfish last year to find almost none appearing.

Comment Re:Frankenstein? (Score 2, Insightful) 263

Frankenstein is, in every iteration, a creation of humanity

I agree whole-heartedly. You can only watch Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein do it so many times before you begin to think, "Enough already. I get it. Dr. Frankenstein was a creation of humanity. Now stop showing Dr. Frankstein's ugly-ass parents having sex and start showing Dr. Frankstein create the monster."

Comment Inifinite Loops (Score 4, Funny) 163

Anyone else worried about this turning into an infinite takedown notice loop the brings the whole internet to it's knees, as the corporations send takedown notices to take down the takedown notices which are then put up only to be followed up by more takedown notices for the takedown notices of the takedown notices, which of course will then have to be put... Can anyone stop this madness?

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