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Comment Apple is a Bubble (Score 1) 673

Apple is a bubble that will burst soon enough. The only thing selling their products is style, and eventually people will fall out of love with the Apple style as they do with every style in computing, fashion, and computing fashion. The cheap hardware in Wintel, Lintel, LinMD, WinMD, etc... always sells more units total in a given fiscal year than Apple products sell, it's just that Apple sells for more per unit because they're designer clothing and Apple gets rich from their fans. They even have fans with access to government money to spend on thousands of Apple units in claim that it will help our children learn and grow, only just to get their hands on one shiny new Apple unit for themselves ( .

More people love a'la carte computing than the Apple approach, markets prove that. Newegg is still here selling PC components, Amazon and Wal Mart even sell PC components on their sites. I mean -- Dell and HP are even still here selling cheap PCs and even not-so-cheap ones. Apple definitely doesn't control the world even though they might have made huge piles of cash selling many luxury goods in a very short period of time.

Comment trash, no mention of phishing or trojans (Score 3, Interesting) 191

No mention of keylogging trojans or phishing combined with ridiculous uneducated guessing makes these authors' ramblings pure trash. Apparently all the links are from Betanews, too; I'd like to see Betanews stick to talking about iThings and not security. Choice quotes interspersed with my reactions:

"Apple's iTunes user logs themselves may have been compromised."

All I can think of on this one is the time I had someone tell me that my router had "lost its ARP table".

"... several of the victims that reported into Betanews on their experience are employed in IT -- obviously understanding the risks of improperly secured personal data."

I'd hope these same IT employees someday understand the risks of improperly secured personal data by not browsing the web on their own PCs (no Windows implied).

Comment self-citing on techdirt? (Score 4, Insightful) 372

Does it seem to anybody else like Techdirt is actually just self-citing itself for its proof? I don't really see where it's shown that the FBI has copyright enforcement actually prioritized higher than missing persons here. I see references to people saying it's a major priority, but that doesn't actually mean it really is. I think we need some more evidence laid out a little more clearly than what Techdirt has done, at least.

Comment shut it down (Score 2, Insightful) 213

Google should say, "Because it is too difficult in the United States, the land of freedom, to offer a public venue for the sharing of creative works and the preservation of culture, we have opted to shut down youtube entirely. We sincerely hope that such services can return in a time less plagued by corruption and greed."

Comment a different country for kids (Score 1) 804

There seems to be two Americas based on your age. One where you are expected to be independent and enjoy the ideals of free speech and general independence (note, this argument is based on ideals), and one where you are expected to bow to authority on a wide range of arbitrarily-defined rules or face harsh punishment. In essence, we have made it OK for kids to be subjected to a tightly controlled authoritarian type of environment during their most sensitive years of enculturation, and then upon finishing public school, we jettison them out into a world that preaches democratic ideals. It's just pure madness -- by the time somebody leaves the public school system they will not be prepared for a world of independence at all. What's worse -- by subjecting kids to harsh psychological treatment in schools for dong things which adults would not consider any type of offense, we're stacking up a negative mental burden on them before they even reach the most challenging parts of their lives. It doesn't just end with jolly ranchers either, politics and policy is a taboo subject in schools, too. I seem to recall people in my school getting detention hours for questioning the DARE program, which was later dismantled as being ineffective. Unfortunately, it seems public school in the U.S. is about mentally (and sometimes physically) beating kids down instead of embracing critical thinking.

Comment don't use the crack, don't play the games (Score 5, Insightful) 443

Do not use the crack and do not play the games with DRM if we want to really see an end to DRM. Even playing the game without buying it can be good publicity that generates sales for those who would complain they are not selling enough. Resisting the temptation to consume products instead of creating our own is the real problem. Instead of consuming things because we feel we need to, if we do not agree with the product we should instead work to create our own. We cannot let self-doubts and temporary failures prevent us from being creative if we are to bring about a new creative renaissance without DRM.

Comment Re:I wish Java won (Score 1) 296

Java on the desktop is really fast now. I can generate a JAR file and my application launches from that when I double-click it in about two seconds. Java applets do take some time to launch, though.

Anyway, for web graphics it seems like IDE plugins using Javascript/ECMAscript, HTML5, and WebGL will eventually make Flash obsolete, but it's still a bit early for that.

Comment Re:it's more about us, less about him (Score 1) 421

Adopting a humble lifestyle does money must be rejected, it simply means its use should tend be avoided in want of expensive or unnecessary things. While I cannot expect us to eliminate our worldly possessions, we can take steps to minimize the amount of physical things we own such that we cannot be easily controlled with threats against them (direct or otherwise). If you are unsatisfied with your job and have a few vehicles and a large house to maintain, expenses for these things makes saving money difficult, and in turn make exiting that job difficult, which makes it more likely for you to accept frustrating management decisions at work for fear of not being able to afford the upkeep for your investments in physical products. Variations of this scenario may be adapted to fit the idea expressed here, however the general argument remains the same.

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