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Comment Re:y you can't elect someone to take care of these (Score 1) 426

hey, it was probobly retorical yet I feel obligated to reply.
Kinda like how EVERYONE here understands the greedy ISP's and lazy FCC guys (profit and lack of upgrades causing actual WORK)
You can't elect someone to actually REPRESENT you as the party system as it is today is flawed.
1. You vote for the least evil guy. (you THINK...LMFAO)
2. Everyone else votes for their least evil guy or someone with a nice catch phrase ("I'm not a crook!", yeah, that sounds catchy!)
3. If yer on the "winning team" (voted the same as the mainstream population) then you'll STILL lose your voice from lobbyists and large corporations wineing and dining your vote into oblivion.
4. Lack of public charts, stats, and records open sourced/fully disclosed = unlimited theft from trusted public officials w/o recourse.
5. Also must point out that RE-ELECTED officials are done from lack of just HOW MUCH theft/diabolical actions are recorded for public views.

Next election I'm voting open source party.

Pirate Party, still better then libs or cons (Canada) but I doubt will get a serious vote from any "normie". Well if their platform is fully disclosing the political process for the public to view online 24/7 /w comments and modding like /. here does (even anon accounts posting what HAS to be posted, a mighty weapon if the pen beats the sword...a computer must be a cannon then eh? ;)
Open Source Party would be the new age party to represent anyone here or grandma who just wants her website to show pie graphs and nice front end features/aps on the website. Everyone can bitch, mod each other down and vote along side favorite (or least favorite, haha) politician. Polls start coming back showing lack of public demands being met, it's recorded for next election, the public official not acting in the public's best interest (most likely bought by corps/lobbyists while ignoring the public) is BOOOOOOOTED (or rebooted, wow imagine if they were meant to mend and defend and actually lived by a c0de? ;)
Some thoughts. :D (well, that's what "I" call them, please mod waaaaaay up the MAXIMUM modding....*sigh*'s moddding is kinda nice actually have 100+ people all saying some PM, MP, Senator is an idiot is nice)

Guess PP will have to do till OSP gets in. It's the lack of public thoughts like on here that is the weak link in our government. If it's not commenter to commenter w/o sites like cbc news pre moderating yer thoughts before it's "allowed" to be posted then the full array of thoughts from public are missed, sadly.

k, end rant. I'll find another spot to add to........NOW

Comment Re:USB Chips @ 64GB (70 bucks) (Score 1) 107

well maybe I will! /w black jack and hookers! (I was thinking companies investing in usb chips for games MIGHT buy them in bulk, but good of you to point out that cost factor to me in /. style ;) wouldn't ask for any other way! (sarcasm, humour, are better then reading some CRAPPY news place who'd premod yer post.....or MINE! :P) they start costing 5 bucks for the developer and gamers like not scratching the chips vs the discs and it COULD be future for games. :)

Comment 15,000 just won't cut it! (Score 1) 278

Well I don't think "investing" in 15,000 bucks would stop my Internet "habit". Sure I can quit any time I want to but WHY??? Is normal life "happier" then virtual life? Is being online helping or hurting? Why shun yourself from MILLIONS of people/news/info/websites/porn/games/people to talk /w? I'd be like paying to be celebate! (no sex like nuns!) Ya, I really like sex so I decided to give it up! Can I also take a rod from the filthy power plants to keep around? I heard they are warm. (fucking idiots). C-O-U-N-T-E-R P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E! =P

Comment Re:Canada Big, Slovenia Small (Score 1) 238

Well not everyone has cable/dsl yet either. If it's not "financially possible" (you aren't a bother in the back 40 outside the major city) then I bet it'd work JUUUUUUUST fine. any company, ANY company wanting to do this will have my 100 bucks/month each and every month. in Canada, there is NO EXCUSE why we don't have fiber to the door ALREADY in EVERY major surburban/city center other then the ISP's holding us all back for personal, if pety, greed motives. Astronomical from a personal standpoint. These big players will RAKE in cash, customer will be jumping ship from Rogers Cable, Telus DSL, Bell DSL, & Shaw Cable quicker then you can say "ARRRRRRRRRR" They'll ALL take their 50-100 bucks/month (inc cable tv btw) and real world banks will take the gamble that they can pay the debts /w monthly cheques coming in regularly. :D Bandwidth will be less of a concern for all, video services will flurish, high bandwidth won't be a problem anymore, and the Internet might even start streaming live movies same day as theatres (some have big screens hooked hdmi to towers in the living room, media companies would prob want to get money for people not wanting to leave their home). BRING ON THE FIBER! Part of a balanced Internet meal!

Comment Re:Pay with your person device (Score 1) 302

Better music selection for passengers, seperate /w sliding window like limo's have to sound proof FROM driver/passenger musics. Online system where you can order a cab, it shows yer little dot on the gps to all the other cabs /w a tom tom equipped /w cab info. ordering automatically via website, portables, phone call automation, or text message. more of a free for all setup online with ALL cab companies having access to the customer pick up data. 1st come 1st serve. instead of someone stealing your cab there should be 2 waiting there to pick you up, whomever gets to your needs faster! also, have an air vent always sucking out could filter smells from cabs. perhaps passenger controlled ventalation for the back seat. like the fellow poster saying electronic smell canceler system. bring back smoking for smokers (window up for driver, vent for air flow being good quality). having gps systems showing ALL the gps units from other cars to help cab drivers GET there faster (also this should be on all tom toms for ALL drivers, not just cabs btw) then you could really bust out the stats showing traffic flow, speed per car/street, blockages, alternate traffic flow on another street beating your destination by 5 minutes, and other things i can't think of... if a touch screen was in the back of each cab the people could have more usefulness from their trips. perhaps check email (love that wifi idea to blanket the city in wifi) showing total time/cost to passengers upfront is a good idea. the cost can vary but so does "time remaining for file transfers in windows, least its SOMETHING to base it on" touch screens able to do language translation via text or via the microsoft sam (or other voice) to help people understand each other. other useful transit scheduals stored in the touch screen pad for customers. help them get around, have a built in tourist/info page set up. places of interest, restaraunts, bars, etc. anything of interest (perhaps from OTHER customers, building the database FOR you, comments, votes from people, etc) and /. can finish it off. :P

Comment Re:Maybe'll be open source government! (Score 1) 178

werd up! "(especially if they were trying to rig it themselves)", not the parent quote but awesome none the less. I recently made the risk of a /. dos attack, please visit and help if yer able. I DO believe in online voting, every day, instead of every 5 years and the day after being ignored by the admin(s) I'm not saying it'd be a secure vote, or count for anything for THAT matter, just when you see "95% of the population feels downloading mp3 music for personal use should be decriminalized" it COULD force the Senate/House of Commons' hands else risking their seat next election... ...while I'm at it, I'm SURE there are other things in need of decriminalization. Anyways, I need help as im NOOOOOOOOB! hahaha. You guys are all 1334 haxorz so any white hats or black hats /w a white heart, please read the site and help out if yer up for it. /w blackjack! ...and hookers! :D

Comment TV's dead, All hail the 42" lcd monitor! (Score 2, Interesting) 576

hey, my pc is in the living room, tower connected to the hdmi port on the tv. The woman uses it for tv SOMETIMES but generally if I plan ahead and download the day before I can get most shows w/o comercials via torrents (use google: moviename torrent") Games play nice on here, WOW would prob look great still, divx (avi) and mp3 are the only format I want to see online. The flash videos are great for being so small. Youtube looks nice on here too. "TV, yer just not that good anymore" (mop/broom comercial): "baby come back, you can blame it all on meeee, I was wrong and I just can't live w/o you" No TV. You had your chance and now Internet land has all you offer and more. It misses news, CSI on 20 channels out of the 60, weather, and some sports...but I can live /w that! Internet has: torrents (downloads) from google mp3 albums to download tv shows (seasons at a time) movies (w/o the riaa b/s already cut out) e-books (pdf files of books made digital) software (vlc and winamp are good downloads) TV has force fed junk and advertisers cutting other advertisers like local cable company overlapping the ads from a network in America. Basically, by cutting out TV I've saved 20 mins from every hour watched due to comercials, can pause vlc media player /w spacebar (pee break, food break, smoke break, etc), and auto goes to the next show if I set up a playlist of shows to watch (good for going to bed /w star treks. :D) Get the video card /w the white dvi port as well as the regulat blue monitor one. go to best buy, buy the no name 6 foot dvi-hdmi cable (40-60 bucks) then use yer tv as the computer monitor. ...oh yeah, forgot youporn ain't bad either ;)

Comment Re:making piracy go away... (Score 1) 723

I agree with parent poster. They ned to adapt their business, shutting down these guys here and 20 more will pop up in their place. The legal system just doesn't work fast enough (to stop the stream/torrent/flow of piracy, control sure, but REAL stopping the damn? Yeah right!) My point here is that they need to have downloadable content WITH ads in them. As already posted, people are lazy. All these poor international people having to "legally wait" or be a criminal (b/c of outdated laws protecting citizens from corps and their 'sue everyone' model" So instead just put the shows/movies /w ads. It's akin to people cracking games to make the games BETTER (Google: "spore torrent" or PB: "spore torrent" to see these index servers' results. People cracked this one just to play it without breaking their computers! No one WANTED DRM (who would ever EVER want digital restriction management is beyond me) So if a tv show uses bit torrent to download and I'm even using my upload to help the fox network push their weekly simpsons, they still win as it'll have the ad in the 1st live version. Ya the next day w/o ads is released but who cares? Live content and thus, viewers, are BACK BABY! :D Also, They should, as good business, provide the ad free version the next day to everyone. Even a month later in official ad free version digitally. Better to make friends then enemies who might hunt you down and...well...public forum...lmfao j/k...I love media. Was never a buyer and never will be tho. If they EVER lock up the genie back into that bottle (100% control over everyone, customers and artists alike) then I'll just still never buy anything again. Still support online games as it gives real value to their product. That exclusivity is the real bread a butter here. Control has always been worth more then cash. Blizzard SUPER HIT games like Starcraft, Diablo 2 LOD, Warcraft 3, and ESPICIALLY World of Warcrack all are valuable because of the online /w others aspect. Also not (hard to) crack for normal non leet haxorz /w unique cd keys. Now if the music companies want 50/month from everyone they'll just have to hire programmers like everyone else to build a virtual environment where people pay to hang out and listen to music in a virtual world. They have nothing anyone wants (to pay for) as it's just as easy to copy a friend's iPod as it is to go on the Pirate Bay and search for song collection torrents (and Google can do the same and should be in this lawsuit also for providing .torrent searches!) ...and the market will forget about google when they are forced to pull .torrent support/hand over ip's/info of their searchers to these thugs... my .02

Comment Re:drinks in coach airlines (Score 1) 479

love the analogies b/c they get the thought process going... if you buy a ticket for coach for $500.00 dollars you SHOULD DEMAND a free beer/glass of wine with your flight. ya that's right, DEMAND! I always thought it was extra too since those poor airline companies barely make it.....LMFAO My buddy flew to Japan and on Japan airlines the drinks are EXPECTED and FREE b/c you just paid hundreds for the ticket!!! So time to start demanding more free booze from the overcharging airlines. Least it's something other then the crappy food served to us. So 1st class gets free beer, doesn't mean coach passengers aren't ALSO paying TOO MUCH for the ticket too! DEMAND MORE BEER! Don't pay like a queer! Next time they ask if you'd like a beverage say YES, a nice BUDWEISER or CANADIAN would be fine and when they say 5 dollars FREAK OUT and ask to speak with their supervisor! :P actually being nicer gets you more but still, if they refuse then buy 2, drink one, dump the other down the back of the chair!


posted this before, hopefully this time it will catch or something... Not only do we need votes that count (rigged elections last few times b/c of diebold/diablo voting machines crapping out/tampered easily with) but we also need voting for issues as a people. "show me the source code!" - awesome. exactly my thoughts too....especially ESPECIALLY since it's elections and those are supposed to matter! I love how people care about this thing but we need voting on ALL ISSUES. an Open sourced government is the only evolution we have yet to reach. Imagine that folks....a de-mo-cra-cy! ;) We need open sourced voting, online, in real time, 24/7 for people to log in/vote, collect info about our leaders (in wiki form ;), shows nice graphs and charts of popular polls for grandma/normal people, have comments like Slashdot about our problems as a society, and thoughtful discussion before it even REACHES senate/House of commons. They get bogged down with all of our problems, we could prescreen most votes/bills before they reach senate. We all know that having open source code/proper security can stop 99% of the "cheating" going on. Would also create jobs! Always a plus! Make taxes a votable spenditure for 20% of your collected tax. Prevent corporate tax evasion by allowing them to spend some of it themselves not tax cuts! WE NEED THAT MONEY! We also need it not to be wasted by the leaders. Info on how much is collected on the site, where it all goes (military can just show totals, they gotta protect still), but 90% should be open to us, organized, available and discussable! Slashdot should prob run the site, they have more organization here then on ANY official website I've seen held in the hands of govt people. Also keeping anons allowed to vote in polls (but cookie/ip/whatev stopping from double voting). If anons can't have a voice it's not fair to all the hard workin Mexicans/illegals trying to buy that "American dream" /w their labour of love. OPEN SOURCE GOVERNMENT! WOOOOOOOO!

Comment Re:But he is still our seeing theirppl (Score 1) 358

very true. the bills aren't for our time anymore and are overbloated. this "lets share info with society" will take a lot of load from senators when all the pork watchers are doing their part. 1 man might not be able to keep up but a society will. this more open sourced govt will be better for everyone. who knows? they might actually let 20% of your tax dollars have limited choice as to where you'd like it spent. might stop corporate tax evaders as they now have power over their money again (but within reason) log in site where everyone can bitch out is perfect. it's needed as everyone has issues on their minds. all they gotta do is get this ball rolling and issues will iron themselves out as they progress, much as linux sucked when it was first out. all code and only tech people used it. now grandma can have her ubuntu set up for her to check webmail and surf no problem. the govt can let it's people decide stuff, keep the power of the senate for tie breakers, and of course the leader above them signing bills/laws. what i'd like to see is a law website where people can make/propose laws or vote on exsisiting ones that are out of line (in their opinion). majority vote of 60% can force senate to vote on the matter. least attention to diff things might be good for everyone. always gonna be a group pushing to bring back slavery but doubt they'd hit 60% in favour. even if they did it's against master root code so it'd be thrown out (i surely hope!) things like music/movies downloads might hit 95% not wanting to be sued over it and long as its not for profit (burning dvds from yer garage for the neighbourhood) it ain't against the law from forcing the senate to vote, recording their decision, and not electing them next time based on their vote. balances itself out. :D or military votes from people in service for where they feel they should go/pull out of. not that there votes will count any more but at least its all recorded for the leaders to see and their fellow kin to see. really hope they use this population resource to get guidance as to what our pop really needs/wants. far as im concerned i could vote on 50-100 things a day happily. least my vote would count on a website, still worth more then the last election! or the one before that! one single vote every 5 years just simply aint enough input from us...

Comment open source government! :D (Score 1) 306

Now an issue that's been awesome for desktops and laptops. Why not for our administration? Voting systems for each user, govt being transparent with it's citizens (cept in lilitary, finances should be open tho). Let the Senate do tie breakers, not get to whatever bills they can afford to (in time wise). Not saying remove the Senate by any means, just more inclusion for regular joe people to vote where they want their tax money to go (or 35% of it in votable dollars). if it works so well for comps imagine giving voice/small amounts of power to normal people. Log in 24/7 to govt website and vote/read about laws and such if 90% of the public says downloading songs is harmless (and therefore no longer against the law) FORCE the senate to vote based on popular vote for the issue.... in any case many eyes/opinions could reshape our govt the way it's reshaped computing... or is this a horrible idea never able to work? (we aren't axing the admins...our current govt, just upgrading them with an educated populace...)

Comment open sourced govt please (Score 1) 143

hey, hopefully a new website like this can have votes for it's citizens about diff issues, stats on who voted for what, and senetor voting to ensure they follow what they say after elected. some free webspace/an email couldn't hurt either. whats webspace to an org like the govt? 2gb for all would get people more involved! as for the idea about open sourced govt, can such a concept be applied for our most imprtant (corrupt) system?
United States

Submission + - Time for Open Sourced Government???? FOR THE PPL! (

bluetigerbc writes: All right. Caps, periods, links and opinions.
If I'm dead tomorrow you know why Slashdot viewers.
Linked You Tube vid says lady calls for help from police only to be stripped and jailed for her trouble (and prob roughed up while camera is off no doubt).
This post shows up b/c rights are being stripped one by one. It's all fun and games till they start stripping your family right in front of you... (warning...graphic abuse of rights and poor lady stripped down in a cell) []
After writing a reply on Swearing outlawed I posted this reply but felt it needed it's own front page attention. I remember a you tube vid of cops stripping a chick after SHE called for help from police. The husband says it best..."could be YOUR WIFE next time!"
Above is more of the same graphic torture our society lives with every day b/c out rights get abused each day. Now the ONLY thing I can possibly see making a difference within America is Open Sourced Gov't.
One that's actually FOR the people and serves US. Currently we all pay taxes to get pushed around, abused, verbally harrassed, and if you put up a fight it gets WORST! They'll put you in a cell, strip you down to nothing (so undies and bra are gone), and have the male cops there while being stripped (violation of their own code they are SWORN to uphold!) b/c they break their own rules and aren't accountable the system ITSELF NEEDS UPGRADING!!! Votes should be counted online for things that matter. Give everyone /w a social security # a password to the website for voting. Stats on how you want your money spent. Stats on who you want in office (like the vote for office we currently have but better), votes for rights and constitution (yay spell check, i can't spell it and they can't guarantee it for you atm).
Perhaps our gov't is a bit too over protective of us. Perhaps being a bit harsh on misdemeanor crimes. In ANY case you currently don't have a say. You only got blue team or red team (favor the blue Then the leaders either blue or red make ALL your decisions for you for 4-5 years w/o a second thought.
I'm sure the majority of people that are smart enough to "sign up" for military service to KILL PEOPLE (and can't drink...lmfao) for their country can make a simple check on an online govt website as to what THEY want from THEIR govt.
Doesn't mean it'll be counted (much like your votes last election...lmfao) but at least the facts will be open sourced for all to read and see and discuss in an open forum.
Think Microsoft vs Linux here. Do you want a MS govt (current) or a Linux one??? (future, better one) MS one has secrets, encrypted stuff and lack of options for consumers. Linux costs way less (upfront at least, same if users know each system the same). Linux is more about the code then the bribes, and is editable (try editing your CURRENT govt ppl!!!)
Just saying USA/Canada needs more open sourced things like this in order to evolve into the next century. Heck, maybe we'll even earn us a true democracy. (don't even say you already have one when crap like this is always going every day) mod this waaaaaay up guys. I wanna hear open sourced govt talk on /.
Obviously military secrets stay hidden (for now) as it adapts into a truely democratic society here in N America.

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