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Comment App? (Score 5, Insightful) 101

Let's just fix this title. Researchers Develop [Smartphone Peripheral] That Accurately Determines Sperm Quality. There we go. Clearly, the companion app for this product is just some basic analysis and display. The real exciting part is an inexpensive peripheral that can do the job at a much lower barrier of entry.

Comment Perspective. (Score 4, Interesting) 406

I feel like it's just a matter of perspective. The watch market as whole has never really been as significant as the phone or PC market, thus comparing the apples watch compared to iPhone or Mac sales makes it look like a failure, but within it's sector it is a strong competitor. It certainly hasn't take then world by storm the way that the iPad and iPhone have been able to, but at least hast been a strong contender for watches. So I'd say the watch has been a viable product, but no great success.

Comment Producing at scale (Score 1) 88

Like so many of the kickstarters that blow up like this, they cannot scale at the price point they've set. When you a set a price you have to consider all of the R&D, Production Startup, Import and still leave room in for delays. Many times it's better to just make a few boutique items for people who really want your product, than to price it for the masses and it quickly becomes unrealistic. There's a reason drones of this type were quite a bit more expensive than the lily (especially the early backer price).

Comment AI and Stakes (Score 1) 53

The problem that I see is that good commentary creates the narrative of the game. Sports has not actual intrinsic stakes for most fans (short of a few bets here and there), but the commentators and news sources allow for us to be fed a narrative of how much the underdogs have overcome by strength of will to make it this point, etc etc. I question the current AI's ability to do this coherently and not just report who won and what happened. Because in general, that's rather uninteresting.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy at its best (Score 1) 30

Of course not, but I'm saying if your login account is with an IP in Generic Small Town, Kentucky. There's a good chance the account owner is most likely the 40 something year old guy named John Doe that lives in that town. That doesn't mean the person using it was that person, but generally that is the case. Not something that holds up in court, but is useful for social engineering.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy at its best (Score 2) 30

I would say the IP address along with the other information provided (Since usernames, emails, and passwords can contain very important information like DOB, Nickname, and name) helps you narrow down to a specific person. Just an IP cannot really tell you a user, but an IP with other information can.

Comment Paying for convenience. (Score 1) 729

There are services that build to of the line PCs with the latest and greatest in them - but you'll pay a premium. Sourcing your own components and coming up with a build that fits your needs is where you save money. You either do labor and pay less or pay more for convenience. The basics of economics there.

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