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Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 1) 148

'Thousands of medical emergencies' related to small drones sounds a bit of an exaggeration...

Sure, the blades can cause some nasty cuts, a fair number of careless/unfortunate hobbyists have hurt themselves, and very occasionally a bystander gets hurt. But they're no more of a menace to society than, say, things like skateboards or even golf balls - which are involved in the occasional fatal accident.

But scaling these drones up to human-carrying size does sound like a recipe for disaster...

Comment Re:How long until (Score 3, Insightful) 36

Manufacturers are taking it more seriously. But for consumers, it comes with a very high price.

There's some increasingly secure platforms out there (iOS, UWP, games consoles), where code is signed and runs in a sandboxed environment. But you can't run your own code on them, unless it's been approved, censored, and taxed by a monopolistic App Store.

Comment Re:Unattended workstation is an endangered species (Score 1) 158

The Rift headset contains a light sensor to detect if the headset is being worn. So it can power down the screen and/or pause software when you remove the headset. If you want to keep it running (useful as a developer), it's easily covered with a finger, or I guess you could put tape over it...

(The real annoyance with the Rift is the health+safety warning. Has anyone come up with a hack to disable that yet?)

Comment Re:Generators (Score 1) 637

Long random passwords are great... until you need to enter them manually (no copy+paste from a password manager) on a device without a keyboard...

Games consoles and Apple TV, for example. (Although the voice recognition on the new Apple TV is pretty good, it'll recognise things like 'uppercase A' if you try to dictate a password to it)

Comment Re:I already have Flash disabled in Chrome (Score 2) 131

Flash is starting to seem slick and lightweight (at least for games), compared to some of the HTML5/JS/WebGL stuff. Everyone's taking their huge C++ codebases, running them through Emscripten, and out comes something far bigger and slower to download/compile/start than anything in Flash.

Comment But they're useless for spying/'creeping' (Score 1) 101

Drones are noisy. If there's one hovering outside your window, you'll know about it! And anyway, if you point a camera at a window in most light conditions, you're not likely to see much beyond reflections. Also, the cameras on most quadcopters have wide-angle lenses - great for navigation and landscape photography, but no use for spying on people.

But if you're really worried about they looking through your windows, close the bloody curtains/blinds. And if the drone noise is a real annoyance, call the cops, rather than getting the local gun nut to shoot it down...

If somebody really wants to spy on you, they'll find better ways to do it. Even something as crude as a cellphone on a stick is going to be more effective than a noisy quadcopter.

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