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Comment Re:Good programmers aren't easily ruined (Score 3, Insightful) 548

And the idea of mixing "data" and "executable code"??? Really? Damn. Sounds like injectable code execution exploits to me. When I started, we knew to keep those two things separate from the very beginning. Object orientation mixes them up and probably does more to lead to exploitable code than anything else.

Your post pretty much proves Dijkstra's point. You did not manage to lay off your old thinking habits. You do not bother to think how an object oriented compiler works and to me it sounds that you are stuck in 80's style programming. For your information, object orientation does not mix up data and code. It merely gives the programmer a paradigm to access data. Code is related to classes, data is related to objects.

Comment Re:Why is ":)" less valid than "!"? (Score 1) 1343

Who says that "!" is acceptable. Language is very powerful and any moderately skilled writer should be able to draw the readers' attention by choice of words or sentence structure rather than by throwing in exclamation marks or emoticons. Overuse of exclamation marks, ellipsis, bold or underline (or different fonts) are imho just as bad as using emoticons. They all indicate, the author lacking command of the language or him underestimating the intelligence of his readers. Take sarcasm for example. Writers have been using it for centuries. But it is only our generation that feels, every use of sarcasm must be pointed out as such to the reader, may it be by using sarcasm tags or by including emoticons. This is to some extend acceptable in blog posts, where there is often a lack of sufficient context to clearly understand the author, but most people just don't want to think too long about what words to chose to express their thoughts or don't want people to have to think too long about what they read. Acceptable in blogs, unacceptable in universtiy papers.

Comment open source or free software (paging RMS) (Score 1) 155

> SAP's attitude to open source is important; and yet it is hard to tell whether it is really free software's friend The article publisher does not seem to know enough to tell open source and free software apart. There are very few comanies that endorse free software but many that endorse open source. So, what is the article about? Please call RMS to have the difference between open source and free software explained to you.

Comment Re:Still no virtual desktop (Score 1) 848

That's because nobody's asked for them.

Hmm, but many people asked for a special key on your keyboard between your left ctrl and alt key that takes focus away from your application and brings up the start menu. Right.

It's just not a very popular feature. Sorry.

If it wasn't a popular feature, why does every other operating system have it? Why since Windows 3.1 there have been 3rd-party products to supply this feature? Why does Microsoft supply a virtual desktop tool as part of the PowerToys for Windows XP? It can't be that unpopular, can it?

On a sidenote, I've recently had my wife use Linux for some tasks (as the XP partition was broken) and showed her to how to use virtual desktops. Her reaction after using it for 10 minutes was "That's really practical, can I have that in Windows, too?"

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