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Comment Re:Really? Why? (Score 1) 851

They are happy to tell you that they have their affiliated PACs and supporters coordinated in a campaign to influence debate moderators to "fact check" Trump during the debate, [] producing an advantage for Clinton.

So "fact checking" is bound to favor Clinton? It seems that reality really does have a liberal bias.

Comment Re:Get out of your city more often (Score 1) 274

Self driving cars will allow travels at 4x current speeds. You may love driving and owning cars but going 200 miles per hour trumps all that.

Not gonna happen. Roads are built with a certain turning radius. Go much faster than that, and the ride becomes uncomfortable like a roller coaster, and the car's tires will not be able to effectively grip the road. So speeds will go up marginally rather than by a factor of 4.

Comment Re:Conservation (Score 1) 156

And yet, in Western countries, animals such as bears are doing fine, and once-rare species like bison and wolves are recovering nicely.

Poaching of African wildlife is a major problem, but if central Africa manages to decrease its poverty and warfare the way the rest of the world has done, its animals will survive too. If not, they will still survive in zoos.

Comment Conservation (Score 1) 156

The largest animals will be the best protected by humans. Witness the giant panda, which is no longer endangered due to conservation efforts. The same will be true of elephants, giraffe, bears, gorillas, whales, and any other animals we care about, which includes pretty much all the large ones.

Comment Of course. (Score 2) 156

They are a taxi company. Offering prices lower than the market rate. So of course they are losing tons of money.

Their goal is to roll out self-driving taxis before they go bankrupt. If they succeed in being the first company with self-driving taxis, they will become incredibly successful. Because of this possibility, they have attracted a huge amount of investment. This allows them to lose lots of money for a long time without going bankrupt.

In the short term, customers are winners from Uber's lower prices (disregarding legal/ethical issues, which are real, but tangential to my description of the business model).

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