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Comment Of course. (Score 2) 156

They are a taxi company. Offering prices lower than the market rate. So of course they are losing tons of money.

Their goal is to roll out self-driving taxis before they go bankrupt. If they succeed in being the first company with self-driving taxis, they will become incredibly successful. Because of this possibility, they have attracted a huge amount of investment. This allows them to lose lots of money for a long time without going bankrupt.

In the short term, customers are winners from Uber's lower prices (disregarding legal/ethical issues, which are real, but tangential to my description of the business model).

Comment Interestingly... (Score 3, Insightful) 91

thanks to investment in public transportation, Seattle actually has less traffic than it did a decade ago, despite its growth in employment and housing.

According to the Seattle DOT Traffic Report (2015), Seattle added nearly 100,000 people in the decade from 2004-2014, while average daily car traffic in the city fell by some 60,000 trips over the same period. The travel demand created by population and job growth is being absorbed by the transit system


Comment Re:Microsoft Board: Satya Nadella is not competent (Score 1) 365

"Is this asset riding secular usage and technology trends?" What?? I wondered if I understood the meaning of the word "secular". I did. It means "denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis". I can certainly agree that Microsoft is not religious or spiritual. Satya Nadella wants Microsoft to "ride trends".

Actually, "secular trend" is a recognized technical term in economics and other fields, having nothing to do with religion or lack thereof.

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