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Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

Employers need some way of distinguishing between applicants (besides interviews, which are incredibly unreliable).

Employers used to use IQ tests for this. But this is now illegal, since minorities tend to score lower on IQ tests, so it was seen as discriminatory. So employers started using college degrees as an indirect measure of intelligence.

So the question is: what system are you going to use that's at least as predictive as a college degree?

Comment Re:This is the problem with corporate income tax. (Score 1) 447

. The best solution is probably to get rid of corporate income tax altogether, and make up the difference with sales taxes.

I would say a better way is to make up the difference by taxing capital gains the same as regular income. After all a corporation is not a living breathing thing, it is just a formalism that combines the efforts of its many human owners. Each of those owners should have their income taxed the same way however they obtained it.

(The one good reason for lower capital gains taxes is inflation. If you hold an investment for many years, and it appreciates at the same rate as inflation, you haven't made any real profit, but the face value has increased, so you'd have to pay taxes despite not making real profit. To avoid this unfairness, there would need to be a tax deduction that you could apply for, based on the number of years you held the investment, and the official inflation rate in those years. This would be a lot fair than the current system, where you pay the same lower rate no matter how much value you lost to inflation.)

Comment Loneliness (Score 5, Insightful) 193

Loneliness is a significant health risk which causes a person's death risk to increase.

Having kids gives you someone to care about, and someone who cares about you, and someone you see on a regular basis. That does a lot to decrease your loneliness.

This explains why the effect is stronger for men than women (men tend to have fewer social contacts), and stronger for single than married men.

Comment Re:Let's do it... (Score 1) 211

No matter what happens to Earth, it's going to be a lot more habitable than Mars will ever be.

Over the last 500 million years, Earth's temperature has varied by less than 15 degrees C in either direction. Mars' average temperature is about 70 degrees C less than that of Earth.

One could make similar arguments regarding Earth's atmospheric pressure, oxygen level, magnetic field, and so on.

It's hard to conceive of a human or non-human catastrophe will disrupt Earth to the point that it's less habitable than Mars.

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