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Comment Re:At what cost? (Score 1) 880

Your rent is much more expensive than it has to be.

Picking a city with a reasonably good job market (Houston), I see it's easy to find a 3-bedroom apartment for $1500/month or $18000/year. The three people who would live in this apartment would get a total of $30000/year, so rent would eat up 60% of their guaranteed income. That's still a large fraction, but I didn't even try to hunt for affordable apartments, I just looked at the metro area as a whole, so I'm sure one could find much cheaper.

Would it be luxurious living on $10000/year? Of course not. That's why nearly everyone would look for a job in addition to their guaranteed income. But even without a job, you'd still have food on the table and a roof over your head.

Comment Re:At what cost? (Score 1) 880

$10,400 per year. We're still talking about $2.02 Trillion

Yes, $10k/year is a reasonable amount. It is more than enough if you live with roommates outside the Bay Area.

Of course, since we already spend $1.3 trillion on pensions, a total of $2 trillion is not *that* much more. It would mean raising the federal budget (currently $3.504 trillion) by $700 billion, i.e. a 20% increase in revenue. That means if previously 15% of your income went to taxes, now it would be 18%. Is that worth it to have a $10k/year basic income (which you would get too)? I think so.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1, Insightful) 689

The question of what Donald Trump "really believes" has no answer. It is a category error.

When he utters words, his primary intent is not to *say* something, to describe a set of facts in the world; his primary intent is to *do* something, i.e., to position himself in a social hierarchy. This essential distinction explains why Trump has so flummoxed the media and its fact-checkers; it’s as though they are critiquing the color choices of someone who is colorblind.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 4, Interesting) 113

It's not pulling "random" text lines. It's pulling the text lines that best fit the context, giving (I assume) a somewhat convincing illusion that there is a person on the other end.

This program is clearly not conscious or intelligent in the sense that human beings are. But the current usage of the term "AI" does not require that.

Comment Re:Boeing is pathetic (Score 1) 254

When ULA woke up and realized they were at least six years behind SpaceX in engine design, they went to Blue Origin. Their next generation main lift stage will based on the Blue Origin design. [washingtonpost.com] That's called being asleep at the switch.

Is that any different from Google buying Keyhole and Quest Visual, which became Google Earth and the Google Translate camera feature? Why expect one company to have all the new and great ideas?

Comment Re:Really? Why? (Score 1) 867

They are happy to tell you that they have their affiliated PACs and supporters coordinated in a campaign to influence debate moderators to "fact check" Trump during the debate, [nytimes.com] producing an advantage for Clinton.

So "fact checking" is bound to favor Clinton? It seems that reality really does have a liberal bias.

Comment Re:Get out of your city more often (Score 1) 274

Self driving cars will allow travels at 4x current speeds. You may love driving and owning cars but going 200 miles per hour trumps all that.

Not gonna happen. Roads are built with a certain turning radius. Go much faster than that, and the ride becomes uncomfortable like a roller coaster, and the car's tires will not be able to effectively grip the road. So speeds will go up marginally rather than by a factor of 4.

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