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Comment Re:Systemd! (Score 1) 292

I'm one of those "end users" with an opinion.

My laptop has some hardware issue, which causes the wireless connection to die. It used to be the only fix was to restart. But since installing a new version of Linux Mint with systemd, I can now run "sudo systemctl restart network-manager.service" rather than restarting. Yay fewer interrupted workflows!

Comment Re:Literally Hitler (Score 1) 478

Another point of similarity to Mussolini, not Hitler, is military weakness. Mussolini had trouble conquering Ethiopia of all places. Hitler came very close to conquering all of Europe. In today's Turkey, Erdogan has so weakened the military by purging political opponents that it's been having major trouble conquering territory from irregulars in the failed state of Syria.

Comment Re:Literally Hitler (Score 1) 478

Erdogan is more like Mussolini than Hitler. He's a dictator, sure, but he doesn't have Hitler's rabid hatred of any minority. Not even the Kurds. There are actually a ton of devout Muslim Kurds who vote for Erdogan's party. Not to excuse the brutality Erdogan is using against rebellious Kurdish areas in southeast Turkey, but he obviously doesn't intend to exterminate all Kurds, like a Hitler would.

Comment Re:Will never happens (Score 5, Informative) 270

Want to go from City A to City B at 500mph? No problem. We already have a complete infrastructure in place that will allow you to go from just about any city to just about any other city at high speed. It's called airplanes and airports and has existed since before you were born.

This method is uncomfortable (legroom), nauseating (turbulence), frequently delayed or cancelled (weather), with inherent capacity limits (airspace, runway space), and long lines for creepy invasive security checks (TSA) before you get on. High speed trains have none of that.

You should try taking a high speed train some time in Europe or Asia. The station is downtown, often right next to your destination or a quick subway ride away. You can arrive 5 minutes before departure and get on with no problems. There is no security check, just a guy at the platform entrance to check that you have a ticket. The train leaves exactly on time and arrives exactly on time pretty much every trip (and by "on time" I mean actually on time, not within the half hour padding that airplane schedules have to boost on-time rates). The ride is perfectly smooth and quiet, often with free wifi, and plenty of leg room. For trips of 150 to 400 miles, it's frequently the fastest option door-to-door as well. Just try this once, and I think your opinion of high speed rail will change.

Comment Uber is dying (Score 1) 215

For all intents and purposes, Uber is banned in Italy.

All major surveys show that Uber has steadily declined in market share. Uber is very sick and its long term survival prospects are very dim. If Uber is to survive at all it will be among car sharing dilettante dabblers. Uber continues to decay. Nothing short of a cockeyed miracle could save Uber from its fate at this point in time. For all practical purposes, Uber is dead.

Comment Straightfoward (Score 3, Informative) 96

This is straightforward if you fully consider the consequences of hunting other humans.

Other humans most likely live in tribes just like you. By hunting one of them, you are declaring war on the entire tribe, who have good reason to fear that they are next. So they will fight very viciously against you. You may win in the end, but likely not without casualties. Even in the best case, you'll have to constantly watch your back rather than doing productive things. All this for the calories from a single person.

This is a question that comes up in utilitarian theory. It's frequently asked, shouldn't utilitarianism allow you to find a lonely old woman, and kill her in order to save the lives of ten people awaiting organ transplants? In the short term, this might save lives and increase overall human happiness. But in the long term, every slightly-vulnerable person would wonder that they are next. This would cause an overall decrease in human happiness.

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