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Comment Not just religion and drugs (Score 5, Informative) 225

Don't ALL subjectively enjoyable experiences have the same effect on the brain, releasing dopamine and serotonin, and activating particular pathways? Not only religion and drugs, but also sex and chocolate and cat videos and the election of your preferred candidate?

Comment Re:Why, does it work properly now? (Score 1) 176

Gmail's responsiveness, flexibility, speed, and usability are perfectly good by my standards. If Mutt does an operation in 0.01 seconds and Gmail in 0.1 seconds, that's not actually a significant advantage for mutt, since the end user does not notice the difference.

Meanwhile, Gmail handles attachments, threaded conversations, and search much better than Mutt. All key features.

Comment Re:Why, does it work properly now? (Score 1) 176

I keep hearing that, but I've never seen it. Care to provide an example?

Gmail is as good as any native mail program I've used (better actually).

In general: Most applications consist of menus, buttons, windows, display of text/pictures/video, and playing sound. (These are what come to mind for me, maybe you can think of a few more.) Web pages can do all these things pretty well these days.

Comment Re:Why, does it work properly now? (Score 1) 176

Web browsers are actually the best platform for a lot of software. They need no installation, they update with no user effort, and they have limited security vulnerabilities.

Web browsers have two inherent weaknesses. 1) They require internet connection - but this is irrelevant for apps like Skype whose purpose is entirely network-based. 2) They are slower - but this factor becomes less significant by the year.

As for the interface, there is no barrier these days to making a webpage as functional as a native application. (Though many designers who COULD make a functional website choose not to)

Comment Re:It is ALL fake news (Score 1) 403

Polls were rigged by oversampling democrats vs. republicans/independents so many were flat wrong. Aggregate sites like 538 were wrong.

Um. 538 predicted a 3% lead for Clinton in the popular vote. In the end she won the popular vote by 2%. If just 1% of voters preferred Trump but were embarrassed to admit it, then the polls would have sampled perfectly.

538 predicted Trump had a 29% chance of winning. In the end, he won. If something has a predicted 29% chance of happening and it happens, that's not a failure in the prediction.

Comment Great - if YOU control it (Score 1) 291

Airplane mode is great. I use it all the time, not on airplanes, but if I want to save battery for example. Of course I used it on airplanes as well.

Driver mode would also be great, if you could switch into it whenever YOU chose. If you were a driver, you could choose to put it on. If you were a passenger, you'd leave it off. The consequences for a driver not putting it on would be 1) social, 2) liability in the case of a crash.

There would be no need for the government or tech companies to have any more control over your phone than they currently do.

Comment Re: Genuine question (Score 1) 1321

Electors are proud Republicans (or Democrats, but Republican electors are the majority this election).

The things is, while establishment Republicans don't like Hillary, they also don't like Trump. All it takes is for ~35 Trump electors to vote for someone other than Hillary or Trump (let's say Pence), and no candidate will have a majority of the electoral college, and the election will be thrown into the House. The House has a Republican majority, and I'm sure they think Pence would be a better president than Hillary or Trump. So Pence, not Trump, would be the next president.

The advantages of this are obvious from a Republican perspective. The disadvantage is that they might get the voters angry at them. But a lot of the voters said they were voting against Hillary rather than for Trump, so they wouldn't necessarily be opposed to a President Pence, or Romney, or whoever else.

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