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Comment My CDROM killed 2 hard drives (Score 2, Interesting) 159

..before I suspected something was not right and wrote a program continuously monitoring read speed. Then I started it, waited for the number to settle and put a disk into my CDROM. The reading speed decreased several times. After that I took the cdrom out, put it atop the case on a pile of foam rubber. That computer worked for 10 years more without any problems. The CDROM brand was Pioneer, if you care. HDDs were Maxtor and Western Digital. The story happen in 1997.

Comment It's not that bad (Score 1) 426

The talks about Xian facility are at least a couple of years old, nothing new here. Solar is NOT profitable, it's a money sinkhole. Applied started it because US government was subsidizing it. Now that subsidy has dried up, it does not make any sense to keep doing in US. China keeps subsidizing, this is why this new part of the company goes to China. Otherwise right, you outsource manufacturing, then you have to build engineering support there, then comes engineering development, then goes management, one level after another. Mark is at least VP level, so those screaming "let's outsource CEOs" can shut up now.

Comment Read on. Stop BS (Score 1) 849

The terms of this chapter do not apply to any labor union or religious, fraternal or patriotic organization, society or association, or their members, whose objectives and aims do not contemplate the overthrow of the government of the United States, of this State or of any political subdivision thereof by force or violence or other unlawful means. Otherwise a really stupid law.

Comment Wake up, nobody needs it. (Score 1) 321

How you do it: - you separate your carrier servers from application servers. - Whenever you need to upgrade an application, you mark one application server after another as "out of service", so that new calls are not routed there. As soon as the last call leaves the application server, you could do whatever you want with it, reboot it or hammer it - your choice. - Carrier servers do not need updates as frequent, as they need reboots, so the problem is not really there to begin with.

Comment Enough of this BS (Score 1) 375

Back in 200x 1. I stumbled upon a "WOMEN ONLY" position in CS department at some Canadian university. MEN need not apply. 2. There was a study of director-level positions pay. Women receive about 10% more than man for the same work. According to my personal experience, most women are smart and selfish. They perform cost-benefit analysis, and if it is not worth, they do not pursue it. I am talking about Software Engineering positions. Recent study has shown that student switch from CS to other majors as soon as they understand what's ahead. It's not worth it, and won't go there, unless you are an altruist. Sure, if you give a competitive advantage for one half of the population over another, they will use it. The question is why would you do it. So, the lenders must relax their requirements for women, than for men ? Is it what this article is about ?

Comment The man is pure moron (Score 1) 199

I do not believe him. He might believe himself, but it is just plain stupid. He is being taken in custody for interfering with investigation. He explains it as "I was threatening the investigator, while talking on the phone with my friend not because I was going to injure him, but because I wanted to prove that the investigators were eavesdropping on my phone line illegally". What a joke. He is probably just mentally unstable.

Comment qwe (Score 1) 709

It happens to old companies. Over time, a company accumulates a lot of people, who can't leave for a variety of reasons. They don't want to work either. You don't have to do anything with that. Bankruptcy will take care of things. If it does not do it quick enough, leave the company. This attitude is contagious.

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