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Comment Re:People seem confused about Virgin, let me clari (Score 2) 258

The Superhub is SLIGHTLY better, but still nothing on a dedicated router. But can you still plug in your own router? Nope, VM deliberately disabled the DHCP options within the HUB, meaning you have to rely on it (although a patch is coming that will enable "gateway" mode).

I have a SuperHub with VirginMedia and I use my own router: you need to set "DMZ Host" in the "SuperHub" advanced settings to the IP of your own router's WAN port. That means that your router's external IP looks like a private IP (in a different subnet from the LAN obviously) but that's not a problem in practice.

Comment Re:KeePass (Score 2) 268

PasswordSafe has less functionality than KeePass except that there is a compatible command line client for it (pwsafe).

I often use pwsafe from a remote shell and I would switch to a KeePass database if I could find a CLI for it...

Comment Re:screen (Score 1) 307

Shocking vulnerability, you could potentially get rooted just reading some dodgy email in mutt under screen!

It was fixed in October 2006 (couldn't find a POC though) but there must be a lot of people with older versions still...

Comment Re:Makes me wonder... (Score 1) 246 is a much better free alternative to

They also regularly provide a complete database dump of all the questions and answers ( so there is no risk they'll steal the community effort like expertsexchange did...

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