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Comment Re:A reason to really like Google Voice (Score 3, Informative) 166

The Obihai boxes (I have one which I use for Google Voice) use XMPP for Google Voice.

Google is killing XMPP support and the Obi boxes will no longer directly support Google Voice at that point.

Fortunately, the Obi boxes also do standard SIP. You can get a SIP account from a VOIP provider and a DID. Point your Google Voice number at the DID and you'll get incoming calls.

For outgoing calls, most decent VOIP providers will allow you to set your outgoing caller ID after verifying that the number is valid.

It's not free, but it works and it's relatively inexpensive.

Comment Re:3.5? What about 5.25? (Score 1) 375

I have a good number of 5.25" Apple DOS 3.3 & ProDOS disks (143K) from 1982 - 1988 that still work. There are some with errors, but the majority of them work fine. My Apple 3.5" disks (800K) haven't survived nearly as well.

I gave up on my collection of DOS (as in FAT) floppy disks of any variety years ago. They never seemed all that reliable even when newish.

Comment Re:I still have a plain old telephone (Score 1) 305

Why does it have to be either / or?

I enjoy having a smartphone. I also enjoy my collection of big old phones with big old speakers in the handsets at my house.

In fact, I do prefer talking with a big old phone rather than my smartphone. That's why I have an OBi110 device that allows me to use my Google Voice number on my 1941 Western Electric 302 rotary phone. It sounds great and I can even dial out with a DialGizmo between the phone and the OBi.

Comment QEMU (Score 1) 249

This isn't really that difficult.

Here's a screenshot I just made of DOS 3.3 / Windows 1.01 running under QEMU under Ubuntu 11.04.

It may even run under DOSBox, but I've not tried anything earlier than WFW 3.11 in that environment.

I was rather impressed with myself recently getting this running:

Ubuntu 11.04 > VirtualBox 4.0.something > OS/2 Warp4 FP15 > WinOS/2.

That was a challenge!

Comment Re:GV + SIP = FREE PHONE LINE (Score 1) 115

The Obi110 is an incredible device. I got it for $49.99 from Amazon about a month ago during a brief window when they had them in stock.

If you follow Obihai on Twitter or keep an eye on their forums, you'll see announcements of when Amazon will have them for $49.99 again, but you've got to be quick.

The call quality with GV on the Obi is much better than my POTS line.

Comment Re:Lexmark still sells printers? (Score 1) 294

Have you ever used a HP LaserJet P2015 or P3005? Great printers until just after the warranty expires and you start getting solder joint problems with the formatter board. A quick bake for 8 minutes at 350F in an oven may give you a few more months of use until the problem reappears.

Older HP printers are fantastic. I've got a LaserJet 4 and a couple of 4000's still running fine.

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