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Journal Journal: First Post!

Well, why not have a first post. I suppose it's one way to slashdot fame, have a first post... then get promptly modded down into oblivion. But, the principle is sound and I certainly don't have anything terribly constructive to talk about.

I have a few little projects I'm working on, I'm writing a book (fiction), working on a few projects in VB and C++ (shush, I know it's evil micro$oft but I'm too damn lazy to get any recent linux stuff), Working out to prep for a Triatholon (baby triatholon, what you think I'd do an iron man? HA!), Trying to get my band off the ground, and just for kicks and giggles, driving way too much (my poor beloved car has 204K miles and going up).

I'm libertarian, though with a slight Democratic leaning. I believe strongly in second chances. My hair is probably longer than yours, but you probably don't care. *grins*

I am a semi-reformed metalhead, having hosted a Metal show in atlanta in the early 90's. After that I branched out into Gothic, Industrial, and then into ambient and atmospheric music. Metal still holds the allure to me. Music does not define me, but it certainly centers me. And really, I have no desire to write anymore on this tonight. Eventually I'll rant on topics of freedom, individuality, and opportunity. Grammer(sic) is not my strong point at times (that's what editors are for (except on /.)), but I do try to keep things comprehensible.

Eh, I'll shut up now

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