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Comment Re:Zero cost copying (Score 2, Informative) 107

Most Favoured Customer clauses are well known in economics to be a sign of a cartel.

Most-Favored-Customer Pricing and Tacit Collusion
Thomas E. Cooper
The RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 17, No. 3 (Autumn, 1986), pp. 377-388


This article examines the role of the most-favored-customer pricing policy as a practice facilitating coordination in a dynamic model of price-setting duopoly. This policy is a promise by a firm that if it later lowers price, it will rebate to current customers the difference between the price they pay now and the lower future price. by reducing each firm's incentive to reduce price, the policy enables both firms to offer higher prices and to enjoy higher profits. Consequently, at least one firm offers the policy in equilibrium. We illustrate these general results in an example.

Comment Re:Magic (Score 1) 562

The problem with high temperature operation of combustion engines is that you generate lots of NOx, which you don't want unless you like smog. If you can carry out the reaction at high temperatures and prevent oxidation of nitrogen, then you've got a significant improvement.

Comment This won't work (Score 1) 197

Individually, Google's projects are mostly very interesting. But they don't work together. I have to set pictures separately for Picasa Web Albums, and a google profile, for example. Some settings must be configured in each project, while others are common across all of them, but it's hard to know which is which, and indeed where to find out where to make changes.

Before trying to go for something as ambitious as rivalling Facebook, they should improve integration and consistency between their projects. Not saying that it is too ambitious - if anyone has the skills to do it, Google has.

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