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Comment Re:Hard to read (Score 0) 408

No, they should research a story before they print an article blowing the subject out of proportion, only having to later walk it back once they realize it was a nothing sandwich. Boys who cry wolf stop being relevant quickly. That's exactly what is happening to many news outlets, including the NYT. You sound like you don't know about the rape epidemic in Sweden and the reasons behind it. You should look into it. It's disconcerting.

Comment Re:Costs $150 per bbl to drill in Arctic (Score 0) 338

That number is absolutely incorrect. The cost of drilling is slightly more, but the cost of pumping it out of there is minimal since the pipelines are already in place.

The key to keeping the price of energy low is to always be ready to increase production. Putting it off for five years would put us five years behind the curve. Look for Obama's order to be replaced by late 2017.

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