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Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 100

TL;DR: They are smart and if your Android phone isn't getting the latest patches then you are vulnerable to total pwn4g3 from anything in the Google Play Store until Google figures out how to scan for apps that will perform this attack.

I thought I'd add a potentially interesting anecdote to this. The app is not available on the US Google Play Store, as the github readme said may be the case. I downloaded the app directly to my Motorola Droid 2 Turbo (last OS update July 1st, 2016) and installed it. I was surprised to see a warning message pop up "Installation blocked. This app contains code that attempts to bypass Android's security protections." Something in my phone is detecting the potentially malicious code, and I don't think it is the Play Store, since I didn't use the Play Store, and installed the app directly from my download directory.

Once installed, it looked like it tried to download 100 files (progress meter showed 0 out of 100). This hung, since I have the NetGuard firewall installed, set to block all wifi / mobile data access by default.

I canceled out of the download and tried to run the hammertime attack, but got an extremely long error message that took up the whole screen.

So, for at least this proof of concept attack app, it failed on several levels:

1) Something on my phone detected it as potentially malicious and asked me if I really wanted to install it (I have not installed any virus/malware scanners that I am aware of, so I don't know what this was).
2) It failed to download some files, potentially necessary for the attack, due to my firewall
3) It failed to work, maybe due to missing the files it couldn't download.

I'm sure that a more robust attack app could be developed, but, at least as far as the proof of concept app is concerned, I'm not overly worried -- for the moment.

Comment Re:Barely mentioned anywhere... (Score 1) 204

The Smithsonian Channel heavily advertised a 2 hour special sort of about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek for several weeks before it aired, and it has been airing frequently this past week. It is about a sci-fi / pop culture museum in Seattle working to get a 50th anniversary exhibit completed, as well as the team at the Smithsonian restoring the original filming model of the Enterprise for display at the Air and Space Museum. And a bunch of not-so-great "we sort of have Star Trek technology now, but not really" science bits. Overall, worth a watch for the interviews with various people involved in the production (and/or disposal of the original props).

BBC America has also been showing Seasons 1 and 2 in their restored HD glory since yesterday, and will continue on today. The image and color quality look great, and the re-generated special effects are also pretty well done. Definitely worth a watch!

Comment Re:When does A.I. replace CEOs? (Score 1) 254

You won't see robots outlawed until robots start replacing lawyers. Lawyers tend to control the law in their favor, so, once you have technology replacing lawyers, that's when the revolution really comes.

BakerHostetler Hires Artificial Intelligent Attorney 'Ross' Progress is being made on that front :-)

Comment Use the Flash version instead (Score 1) 205

I'd been getting the "an error has occured, please try again later" error ever since the move to HTML5. I assumed it was yet another bug in HTML5 video support. So, I installed the plugin that lets you force Flash on youtube, and the problem went away. I never connected it with AdBlock. I had no idea an ad was even trying to play. I just forced Flash, which solved the problem, and never looked back. If Goggle wants to get rid of Flash, then they need to fix their HTML5 support to not get broken by adblockers (and also give a more informative error message, as I had no clue that adblocking was the problem).

It is, annoying, however, that the Flash version continues to default to pretty much the smallest low-resolution version available, and I have to switch to 720p or 1080p on *every single video*, despite my having set my preferences to use the highest video resolution. So, you either get broken HTML5 or broken Flash, neither one of which they appear to have any intention of fixing....

Comment Re:How about a search function that works? (Score 1) 1839

I have been reading Slashdot since the late 90's (I didn't create an account until the filter controls switched to those slider bars and layout changed a lot and became pretty horrid -- an account gave me some preferences to turn off a lot of that crap). Never, in my entire time reading slashdot, has the search function been even remotely useful. I've always had to use google (if it was even around when I started) to do any actually useful searches for content on slashdot.

Comment Re:Can Go still not load shared libraries? (Score 2) 221

Static linking might be semi-adequate for stuff that you compile at home, but for any code that's distributed using static is a sabotage.

I think you've got that backwards. Dynamic linking is fine for stuff you compile at home, but for any code that's distributed, using dynamic linking will often cause your binary to *just not work* on another system.

Missing a shared library? Which package does it come in? Oh crap, that package requires dependencies I don't have, or are the wrong version, etc.. Or you have the shared library, but it is a different version, and the size of a structure or something changed, or a variable doesn't exist anymore, and your binary crashes, won't run with it, or produces corrupt output. Or you go through all of your dependency Hell and update all the libraries you need to install the package with the missing shared library, only to find that the libraries you updated caused other programs to break for similar reasons to why yours wasn't working with your current library version. Newer versions of libraries do not always maintain binary compatibility with older versions.

Some programs should just be statically linked, so that they will always work on any version of any distribution. Otherwise, there may be no avoiding a recompile and its associated dependency Hell. Static linking is a compatibility God-send.

Comment Re:They _ARE_ strangling (Score 1) 258

People could try voting for different politicians I suppose, but they seem unwilling out of the irrational fear of losing what they have.

I keep seeing this solution trotted out from time to time on Slashdot, but the reality is closer to the South Park episode, where we a given the choice between voting for a Giant Douch or Shit Sandwich. It's not that we are unwilling to vote for different politicians, it's that there are no different politicians presented to us to vote for.

Comment Re:Now get Pluto designated a planet (Score 2) 68

Schoolchildren are bing taught there are eight planets

Actually, Bing-taught kids are learning that there are 13 ;P A search for "number of planets" returns the following quote from

"For those of us who believe dwarf planets should be counted as a subclass of planets, the latest status is that our solar system now has 13 planets: four terrestrial planets, four jovian planets, and five dwarf planets."

Comment Re:This sounds like... (Score 1) 421

Snowpiercer was a lot better than Highlander 2, though. The first of the movie was lame in both movies. The end of Snowpiercer was lame, too, but the middle part of the movie was full of good action and some intrigue, and at least the plot was reasonably internally consistent. I enjoyed the middle of Snowpiercer. Highlander 2, on the other hand, was lame throughout. Highlander 2 was indeed a "really terrible movie", but I don't think I'd use quite that term for Snowpiercer. Only the beginning and end of Snowpiercer were "really terrible" :) Overall, if you like action movies, then I think Snowpiercer averages out to a "mediocre".

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