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Comment Re: In Depth Fisking for the time crunched: (Score 2) 1255

So what problem do you Have with the term statist? Statism favors state( government ) solutions to a problem and generally puts the goals of he state over that of the individual. You can say statism is good or bad but it's hard to argue that advocating sending children to a public school, not because of that schools merits but to protect he institution of state run schooling is nota statist point of view

Comment Re: So is this because... (Score 1) 186

Actually protest coupled with armed self protection is a great fight against government tyranny. Sure the state has all these weapons of war, but there are so much more of us than them. Plus unless all government employees get presidential level protection they are extremely vulnerable to assassination attempts. Any person with 1500 bucks can purchase a rifle capable of killing at distances of 1000 meters or more. Another 1500 for the optics to use it and a few months of training and they can take out Almost any person in government. The fact that the person will likely be eventually killed or jailed is little comfort to te dead government employee. As corrupt state employees are by nature not idealists, self preservation is high on their list. Small Explosives are easy to use and make and very disruptive. Pipe bomb or predator drone be te cause dead is dead, Work stoppage, slow downs, non co operation with directives by sympathetic state agents( I e cops not enforcing federal gun or drug laws) low level vandalism of state assets, hiding taxed resources, etc are also effective and impossible to stop. Also remember that even nukes are launched by soldiers not the president. Many will refuse to kill their own countrymen. Example after the Soviet Union fell troops ordered to kill civilians turned their guns on officers and killed them or during hurricane Katrina some us soldiers refused unlawful orders to disarm American citizens. If governments where not afraid of resistance by armed citizens with small arms they would not work so hard to ban them in countries with oppressive regimes.

Comment Re:Or the reverse (Score 1) 899

It's not a straw man. Nobody on this site is stupid enough to believe that those names where published for any reason having to do with safety. It was a veiled attempt to shame gun owners in a liberal leaning community where they are a minority. Try publishing that list in houston texas and see what reaction you get. " the guy next door only owns 3 guns , fucking pussy". And also you could be publishing the names of women who have abortions to warn prospective fathers.

Comment Re:One Sided science (Score 1) 505

Don't forget that big gas would prefer most green policies and profit huge as opposed to coal companies and that big money( wall street) would make a bundle( as woul al gore) of trading carbon credits. Yes scientists agree the globe has warmed. After that "consensus" gets a little thin. the debate is how much warmer will it get and how much a role does human activity, ESP c02 play in that warming. And untill the satellite data agrees with the climate models, I think it is safe to say it is not settled. Btw if you look at the Ippc data in the report you will see that most of the claims( flooding etc) are exaggerations. While the political section of the report may sound very alarmist, the actual science parts are much less so.

Comment Re:Common sense (Score 0, Troll) 505

Well they should be glad we left it to the private sector. Your chances of surviving and making a full recovery from illness and severe trama are much higher in te USA than any state with government run healthcare. Anybody who tells you different is either lying or mis informed. In other countries victomns of brain trama , spine injuries , etc that live do not near the rehabilitation treatment to help them recover the ability to walk, run etc. those expensive treatments are not an option so they just expect them to be disabled for life. In the USA your chances o surviving cancer are 15% higher than in any country with socialized medicine. Now tell me if your doctor found a tumor on you and said your chances are 60\40 at hospital A and 75/25 at hospital B but hospital B charges 15% higher fees which would you choose? Many claims that the US healthcare system is not as effective as say the UK or Canada are based on statistics that are not easily comparable to each other. For example often sited infant mortality rates are really lower in the US because we count babies that die during birth. Other countries count babies up to a few days old as stillborn. Also genetic/social factors in certain ethnic Populations can skew Numbers. Swedes have socialized Medicine and are healthier than Americans as a whole. However swedes who immigrate to America tend to be healthier than other Americans and also swedes who love in sweden. In fact Swedish immigrants to America live an average 4 years longer than swedes who live in Sweden with all it's great socialized healthcare.

Comment Re:No, it'll just be an OPTION (Score 1) 650

Well taxis are my first thought. No more cab drivers they are replaced by robots. Truck drivers too, eventually. Of course the teamsters u nion will slow down adoption by having the robots whacked. I am a Mobil locksmith. I drive a LOT. Vein able to work, read and for god sakes sleep while in transit would make my job great.

Comment Re:Gun -- ? (Score 1) 508

Ok you guys are using very bad logic. You are assuming that the suicidal gun owner would not just hang himself I he had no gun handy. You are also assuming that criminals would not use brute force, edged weapons , clubs etc I they had no guns. I would rather be Armed with a gun and have two criminals armed with Guns out to get me than be unarmed trying to fight two unarmed men or men armed with melee weapons

Comment Re:Reputation (Score 1) 508

Ok I mean this is slashdot. Why not use a shotgun with a flashlight mounted on it or even better a shotgun or handgun with a laser site? Yes technology has changed the way we shoot also. I agree a shotgun is best for home defense. The sound of a pump shotgun being chambered is enough to make most intruders look for the nearest exit. As fat as using lethal force to protect your property , mortally I am all for it. Legally it depends. Here in Texas you have a right to use lethal force to protect your person and/ or your property from theft or harm. And you can shoot a fleeing thief( fleeing means he dropped your property and is running away) but ONLY after dark( it's an old law). Protecting your property means if a guy says "I am going to key your car " you can draw your gun and say stop. If he does not you can shoot him. In Texas we respect property and awl defense. This respect works btw. Interviews of burglars shows that they are MUCH more worried about gun owners than cops. And they should be. In our state the odds of conviction are about 1 in 100 for home burglaries. The odds of being shot are about 2 in 100 for home burglaries. About the Martin kid. It's a sad thing. He was just a kid. And kids do stupi things. I know I did at 17. Some kids shoot heroin or drive drunk. This kid attacked a man. That man happened to be armed. That man did what anybody else would and shoul do. He shot his attacker. Sadly he died. I would have rather he lived with a nice wound to show hi friends what you get for attacking people. Yes in a perfect world he would have gotten an attitude adjustment not a deadly shot. But in a perfect world drunk driving teens would never die and junkies would all kick. In the real world we should stop acting like Zimmerman was a bad guy. Wether he followe that kid or not he was within his rights and harming nobody. It was marring who initiates violence. It was Martin who chose to live "by the sword" and that I how he died.

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