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Journal blinder's Journal: A To Mostly Z 5

so i thought the a-z song thing was interesting... so i ran down my own version. i did band names and listed the best songs from said band.

why? i dunno. *sigh*

Agnostic Front - Strength
i'm referring to the live version (from "live at cbgb" which was recorded about 15 years ago). this is a great song, and roger dedicates the song to "all the straight edge kids." nice. very nice.

Bold - Nailed To The X
yeah, bold was a great band. some of their songs were quite stupid - but most were lightening fast streaks of pure brilliance. "nailed to the x" is one such example.

Chain Of Strength - True Till Death
i can remember being 17 years old, seeing this band (that came all the way from ca) and jumping around and flailing about screaming at the top of my lungs "true till death!!!" just as this song begins. i still remember those warm sunday afternoons.

Dag Nasty - Values Here
one of the first actual emocore bands (following rites of spring) from dc. dave smalley is still awesome.

Edgewise - Even The Score
pa straight edge hardcore. these guys were very cool, and did some very brutal music.

Fugazi - Repeater
one two three... repeater! need i say more?

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
gb, a staple in nyhc, punctuated their brief career with this amazing lp and equally amazing song. "i put it off!"

Hopesfall - Waitress
before they went and did that latest terrible record, this band actually was quite interesting. loud, desparate, melodic, dark, moody, screaming... frantic.

Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender
before zac from rage against the machine went and became a total jackass, he fronted a pretty amazing hardcore band. no spiritual surrender is amazing. krsna hardcore!

Jawbreaker - Busy
i've written about this song over and over again. its important.

Killing Time - Brightside
for being knuckleheads, they actually had a few decent songs. this is one of them.

Lifetime - Irony Is For Suckers
lifetime, in the melodic post-hardcore world, are legends. this song speaks to why.

Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose
i send my murdergram to all these monster kids. it comes right back to me, signed in their parents' blood. sweet sweet misfits!

Naked Raygun - Home of the Brave
real chicago punk. melodic, rough, raw and nuanced.

Outspoken - Burning
again, another wonderful sunday hardcore matinee band.

Pegboy - Revolver
probably one of the most fun songs to sing to. that's when i reach for my revolver! chicago punk. brilliant.

Quicksand - Head To Wall
fucking brilliant. quicksand defined post-hardcore. dark, crunchy, hard, melodic, emotional.

Reason To Believe - Far From My Hands
before there was sensfield, there was reason to believe, and with only a 7" then a full length they were the bridge of socal hardcore and the melodic evolution of what would come later. for from my hands is just amazing.

Samiam - Sky Flying By
i still do not understand why there are people who do not know who samiam are. i mean, this is probably one of the most prolific bands in the independent post-hardcore world -- having never suffered a bad record. this is probably one of their best songs. just amazing

Texas Is The Reason - Back and to the Left
picking up where quicksand left off, and lifting it up to the next level.

Undertow - At Both Ends
hardcore from the pacific northwest? oh yeah... these guys were amazing. tough, fierce, smart and catchy.

Vandals (the) - Anarchy Burger
i just had to have something goofy on here. the vandals are that. stupid and goofy. anarchy burger, hold the government.

Walls of Jericho - Playing Soldier
a perfect mix of modern hardcore touched with a bit of metal, with a female vocalist. yeah, i've sung their praises over and over. this is their best song. once you hear it, you'll either hate them, or just be completely hooked.

X - no data

Youth Of Today - Dissengage
just when i thought i couldn't get another straight edge band on here. this song was part of their last 7" and probably their best song. it was fitting.

Z - no data

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A To Mostly Z

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  • Anarchy Burger, of course. :) You've turned me on to Samiam and others. Head to Wall is another. Was TitR an offshoot of Quicksand? Or just musically?

    The Dine Alone single (is that what it's called?) is the one where I got their cover of How Soon Is Now.

    My list is forthcoming.... Takes a LONG TIME!
  • they are ALL under, "X," of course!!!

    sheesh, i can't believe ya missed that one.

    *grins and runs away*
  • you've some stuff up there that i remember but haven't listened to in a long while, and a couple things i still listen to with some frequency.

    Agnostic Front - Strength i loved AF. united and strong. haven't listened to them in years because by the time i started buying CDs i was getting into the industrial/electronic stuff. that was high school. i still listened more to my tapes through college. after college i quit listening to tapes. i should dig some up.

    Dag Nasty - Values Here i only had a few of t

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