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Comment Re:A good start, but not the big problem (Score 1) 125

I agree. The overwhelming positive reviews for stuff you know can't be 5 star (cheap bluetooth speakers, etc.) has made me completely ignore any of the "paid for with free product" reviews. Those reviewers often go into great length writing about product descriptions or packaging and ultimately aren't worth a damn. The real reviews that have ratings and reviews that aren't gushing are the ones I trust. The whole free product for reviews system needs to die.

Submission + - Apple allowing ad-blockers extensions to Safari on iOS (

blindbat writes: According to BBC News, Apple is going to allow third party ad blocking extensions on iOS. Of course, ad blocking extensions would only affect in browser content and not Apples in app advertising. This will disturb web sites operators and other ad network operators (Google). If enough people choose to block ads, I wonder what backlash against Apple might look like from those most harmed.

Comment Do "rich" people quit working? (Score 3, Insightful) 755

There are a lot of people that have great wealth but keep working because they enjoy what they are doing. To suggest that everyone will just bail on work is not a good argument. Furthermore, consider how many people could continue education, or pursue arts, contribute to non-profits, etc. Our whole culture could shift in ways that we cannot fully predict with the security of a basic income.

Submission + - Facebook rant lands US man in UAE jail (

blindbat writes: While back home in the US, a man working in the United Arab Emirites posted negative comments about the company he worked for. Upon returning to the country to resign, he was arrested and now faces up to a year in prison under their strict "cyber slander" laws designed to protect reputation.

Submission + - Police Body Cam Privacy Exploitation (

blindbat writes: A new Youtube account is pushing local police agencies to reconsider their use of body-mounted cameras. Poulsbo Police have been wearing body cameras for about a year, and the department says the results have been good. But last month reality hit, in the form of a new YouTube user website, set up by someone under the name, "Police Video Requests." The profile says it posts dash and body cam videos received after public records requests to Washington state police departments. "They're just using it to post on the internet," said Chief Townsend, "and I suspect it's for commercial purposes." In September, "Police Video Requests" anonymously asked Poulsbo PD for every second of body cam video it has ever recorded. The department figures it will take three years to fill that request. And Chief Townsend believes it is a huge privacy concern, as officers often see people on their worst days. "People with mental illness, people in domestic violence situations; do we really want to have to put that video out on YouTube for people? I think that's pushing it a little bit," he said.

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