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Comment Re:got spyware? (Score 2, Funny) 761

Had my next door neighbor dealing with a bad divorce and his soon to be ex-wife hired a private investigator who placed a gps tracker on this guys car. He found it and asked me what to do about it. I told him to use google to find some address in the Far East and send the gps tracker via the slowest mail service he could get to there. Don't know if he ever did it, but . . .

Comment Re:And a safe for when you're not there to guard i (Score 1) 825

"If the perp ISN'T within three steps or so (and doesn't have his own gun pointed at you) you'll have a hard time justifying a self-defense shoot." - A friend of mine shot a burglar who was in the process of jumping off my friends second story balcony after throwing an expensive bicycle off first. He hit the punk right in the ass and the bullet traveled down the back of the leg and exited behind the knee. It left that loser with a permanent limp to remind him not to steal things. Police showed up, did their usual question and answer session, and hauled the thief off in an ambulance and later to jail. My friend was never charged with anything. In fact one of the cops told him good job because apparently the cops were after this guy for a while. This happened about 7 or 8 years ago, so the laws may have changed.

Comment Re:Oh yeah (Score 4, Interesting) 366

As a civilian, I had the opportunity several years ago to use some weapons that were modified to use compressed air (simulate recoil, etc.) to shoot at targets on a movie screen. Re-enacting things like hostage situations in an office, traffic stops gone wrong, etc. Let me just say that using an M-16, SAW or Mossberg for any length of time (over 5 minutes) is *definitely* different than pointing and clicking with a mouse and that video games in NO WAY prepare anyone for the reality of using actual weapons. I don't remember the actual name of this one rifle a Marine pulled out of the storage closet and was handling it like a toothpick. He handed it off to me and I just about fell face first just from the weight of it. Nothing like having combat veterans laugh at a "dumb-ass civilian" to start your day out.

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