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Comment Bad Summary? (Score 5, Insightful) 106

So the summary (and the headline) seem to imply that this bug affects even devices with iOS 9.3.1, but the article actually states:

If the device was running an iOS version vulnerable to the 1970 bug, after a minute, the device would reach the problematic crash date.


Kelley and Harrigan recommend that users update as soon as possible to iOS 9.3.1.

This is actually just a remote way to exploit this bug, and not a new bug as the summary suggests.

Comment Re:Meanwhile their DVD product is being killed off (Score 1) 103

I went from 3 discs down to one plus streaming... because generally anything I want that they have on DVD I can get from Amazon for $3-6, and I don't have to deal with (potentially scratched) DVDs. I do keep one DVD service, for some reason, though. I rarely even use it.

Comment Re:But ... (Score 1) 165

The worst thing, IMHO, is not just that it was a systray icon, but that at some point the updater would attempt to run immediately! I'd start doing something, and UAC pops up with a "Are you sure you want to run this?" My instinct is "WHAT IS THIS MALWARE?!?" and to click "Hell no"

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