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Comment Re:Streisand effect? (Score 1) 163

The "Your computer may be at risk", "Download free scanner", and click to buy marketing is ripe with fraud. Those are the kind of links you stumble across at illegal streaming sites or p0wned and derelict websites.
Even if they (have no idea if they do) had clean hands and stellar reputation, they have chosen to market their product in a way that makes it indistinguishable from malware or hackerware. If they really were reputable, they should dress up like Russian mafia, and then go all litigatious if someone points out that they look like Russian mafia.

Comment Re:Knowing versus unknowing falsehood (Score 1) 503

It is perfectly possible to do good for the wrong reasons.
While the faith-based parts of religion might be complete garbage to the enlightened mind, there is also a lot of ethics being thought, such as you shall not not kill, lie, steal. If preaching in a culture where murder and theft is prevalent, getting a thug to join the choir would be beneficial to society, even if it means there is one more idiot believing in nonsense. At least if the church is a moderate one, and doesn't the thug into a rotten jihadist. A lot of ex criminals and gang members in Europe were lured into mosques started dressing like fucking nomads and became jihadists within a year.

Comment Economy? (Score 1) 190

You can get perfectly good PC setups second hand for under $100. In form of a desktop or laptop.
There are also many miniature computers that sell for under $50 in dongle or stick formats.
What we might have considered programming in the old days is considered application use these days, such as writing formulas in a spreadsheet.
Programming as a hobby, is best done on an i or android device, so that the app can be made av available and even make some money.
Programminbg on pi seems about as useful and interesting for today's kids as as the assembler programming and EEPROM burning I had to do back in engineering school.
That was 95% menial work,
If I wanted to set up a kid for programming (mine are too young), I'd get them an old laptop to play with.
What is this garbage talk about locked down android or iphone environments? You can get simple development environments for these straight from their app shops, and start writing apps. If they make something really cool to share with friends, that would be the platform. Do the same on a pi, and it will remain on that same device until next generation finds the contraption in the attic.

Agree 110% that PI is a hobby thing. Great if its your cup of tea. It might even be the cup of tea for certain ultra nerd kids.
But to sell it as an educational programming environment, is just silly, and will for the most part only leave bad memories instead of generating future software engineers.

Comment Re:Talking down the competition never has been goo (Score 1) 478

Tablets i do enjoy.
A few examples, private web browsing while at work. My work machine is heavily loaded with corporate big brother-ware so I use it for as little as possible.
Some companies will fire you just for talking to a recruiter.
Reading email, web browsing, even movie watching in bed.

Comment Talking down the competition never has been good (Score 1) 478

in my book.
a MAC IS a PC.
If I want an ipad i will get it on its merits. Same with surface.
Although neither are likely in my world.
I get by perfectly well with android devices both for my mobile and tablets.
I get by perfectly fine with linux and windows-based PC's and laptops.
For the most part I buy them refurbished or second hand. Can get 3 year old professional grade top performing laptops for $200.

Comment Re:How much? (Score 5, Insightful) 61

That's dirt cheap. You have to realize what it's used for. It's built for speed, not storage capacity.

What matters here is the IOPS per $.
Your 2 TB spinning HD fro $100 might seem cheap, but it only gets some 200 IOPS. So lets say 2 IOPS per dollar.
These puppies can do some 480k IOPS in a 75/25 read/write workload, which gives us 48 IOPS per dollar.
So it is in fact 24 times cheaper than a regular HD.
Then consider electricity, cooling, floor space, floor weight etc.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 92

Well, it was more than one market. Mainframe, minis, open systems, embedded, home, small business (channel), office, manufacturing, supercomputing, etc.
Some markets completely disappeared, other markets were overrun by players that expanded beyond their britches.
Capacity and performance wise, x86 could have ruled the roost already in the 90's, the only reason the *Nix vendors still had market share was strongly held myths about performance, and that it is an expensive undertaking to move off legacy software. Many folks, including seasoned Unix vets kept claiming that only the older unix architectures could offer the needed performance and reliability. Now these have moved on to board rooms or retirement, and guys that grew up with linux in the 90's are the ones speccing out new data centers. Some get their decisions made for them, as the old vendor goes belly up or discontinues the product.
If cloud transformation had happened a few years before, while AMD still held a significant performance edge over Intel, we might have had a duopoly instead of monopoly.

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