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Comment Re:Cry me a fucking river... (Score 1) 374

My definitions, FWIW: Expressway: a road with on & off ramps and without stop lights. Often two or more lanes per direction. Freeway: a free expressway Tollway: a non-free expressway Interstate: Part of the US Interstate Highway system. Every one I've been on has been an expressway. Highway: Don't have a good definition here. There is the US Highway system, which seems to have predated the Interstate system, and has a mixture of expressway and stoplight / traffic control mixtures along its routes.

Comment Re:Z wave (Score 2) 336

Do you have kids? I have trouble reaching monk-like mindfulness with chattering kids, both arms full, and below-zero temps. Sometimes I wonder if the garage door closed. Or want to watch it go all the way down (snow can pile up and make the door bounce off the bottom).

Comment Re:Why I cut back on Firefox, why would I use just (Score 1) 326

You can already do multiple Gmail users. Try https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1 and see what you get. I know you can get to multiple logins through Gmail settings, but the link works quickly for me. Increment the final digit for more. Your "other services" would still be a problem, though.

Comment Re:Where's the surprise? (Score 1) 49

I may have mis-typed. Google doesn't seem to care which generated password you use. You could just generate one password and use it for every single-factor login. Or you could generate a new one for every service. Either way, when you generate a password, you can "name" it whatever you want -- "Home Laptop Thunderbird IMAP", "SmartPhone Google Reader App", whatever. I don't think Google cares which one you use for which service. It allows you to name them for your own bookkeeping.

Comment Only if one of them dies... (Score 1) 404

... or screws up. That's usually what it takes for this sort of thing. As long as iOS and Android are working pretty well, there's really no need to switch. And since people in the US are often tied to 2-year contracts, one of them would have to screw up for a *long time* before they have customers jumping ship.

Comment Re:CAD: I still need a good desktop computer (Score 2) 552

You (and I) are an edge case. You really need to think about the millions of people for whom Excel is the most complicated program. That's really 99% of the user base. I'm worried about the future when the PC I want is not available for a reasonable price since most people are getting one of 6 models of mass-produced tablets.

Comment Re:who is Farhad Manjoo (Score 1) 128

He isn't an expert at anything, and I wouldn't trust him as an expert.


He does seem to have a knack for the tech-interested masses, the ones that spend money on tech devices and there are many of them. How many iPhone users read Slashdot? Not many. How many iPhones have sold? Exactly. His opinion is worth watching for his marketing perspective, not his technical expertise.

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