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Submission + - Facebook Wants "Open and Transparent" Gove

blakedev writes: "After many users expressed their disapproval of the recent change in the Facebook Terms of Use that granted Facebook complete freedom over user content, even after leaving the social network, Facebook retracted the policy. Now, Facebook has announced an "open and transparent" way of governing the site through voting by Facebook users. The new government is built upon two documents--the Facebook Principles and the Statement of Rights (the SoR being a replacement for the Terms of Use). The two documents are viewable online in their respective groups. When a new policy is proposed, as per the Facebook Principles, users may vote on whether they approve of the new policy or not. Policies that do not recieve user support are not made into effect. Links to the documents, as well as the statement from Facebook, are available on the Facebook blog."
Social Networks

Submission + - Couple Gets Divorce After Second Life Affair 1

blakedev writes: "A couple in England are now divorced over an affair that took place on the Second Life social network. After some suspicion, the bride hired a private investigator to monitor what her husband was doing. It was after she witnessed the act herself, her husband having sex with a virtual prostitute on Second Life, that she decided to call it quits. According to both of them no affair took place in real life, but she still considers him to have cheated. The former husband admits to also chatting often with an American woman, but claims that nothing suggestive took place. The two met in an online chat room in 2003 and two years later held both real and online weddings."

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