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Submission + - Can Dell's Inspiron duo be laptop and tablet? (networkworld.com)

Roberto123 writes: Dell's new Inspiron duo tries to be both a laptop and a tablet. It does have an interesting design to switch, Transformer style, from one to the other. But at more than twice the weight of an iPad, it's hard to see how that could be comfortable to hold for long periods.

Submission + - Vatican Warns Against 'Excessive Zeal' for IP (arstechnica.com) 3

An anonymous reader writes: The Vatican has written an encyclical warning that 'excessive zeal' for IP rights is harmful. They're not against IP per se, but they are concerned with the problems caused by things like drug patents, which leave the citizens of poor countries unable to afford medicine. In essence, they're arguing that a 'fair regime of intellectual property rights should aim toward the good of all' and that current regimes fall short.

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