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Comment Re:Loss of jobs... (Score 1) 260

And how long did it take you to recognize Arabic numerals? I seem to remember going over numbers and the ABCs in preschool and only truly grasping everything by kindergarten, but then again my memory is a bit fuzzy on this. Computers can do it in, what, a day?

Comment Re: Yip (Score 1) 117

The 'few lingering hardware issues' are pretty much already being addressed by the Linux development community anyway. Linux already has perhaps the best hardware support out of any operating system, period. There are still problems with some graphics cards (especially newer nVidia cards, because nVidia started requiring signed firmware, so the already working open source firmware can no longer be used), and a few wifi card vendors. Nouveau already is getting pretty damn competitive with the binary blob for cards like the 680 when reclocking is enabled, and the open source radeon drivers keep improving too.

Comment Re:That's great. Now for the really important stuf (Score 1) 121

I see lots of people saying how useless these things are, but I beg to differ. 8k at 49" would be ~180ppi. These would make excellent high resolution monitors, especially if they start selling even smaller models. Hopefully they start pushing other companies to start making 8k models as well. The only question I have is, how the hell does the cabling for these things work? I seem to recall that the newest hdmi and displayport specs don't even support 5k particularly well.

Comment Re:im sure its a riveting discussion (Score 1) 349

The letters are too thick, and blur on the sides. And they are not a deep enough black... On windows it is a thin solid black. I have also noticed that in linux it seems to rather often render some text in between pixels and then blend the results, where on windows everything seems much more aligned to the actual monitor pixels. You can even see this with antialiasing completely disabled, some letters will take up an extra pixel. It is a bit difficult to explain. Slashdot frontpage in particular looks bad, it is like the main text is some shade of grey instead of black. The white on green text at the top of the page has very heavy color bleeding, while on windows it is a nice solid white line. I have no idea if this is just me being super picky, or if it is because I have a high color accuracy monitor, or what.

Comment Re:im sure its a riveting discussion (Score 1) 349

The fonts are a big issue for me personally. I have particularly picky eyes when it comes to font rendering I guess. I usually will spend days to weeks trying to get linux font rendering to my liking, but it just never quite gets there. Everything looks blurry and makes my eyes water if I try to read for more than a few minutes at a time. Which is a real shame, since the rendering looks very good on hi dpi devices. But in 94dpi? No thank you.

Comment Re:Why not just lock down the radio portion? (Score 1) 144

Back when I used an old linux box as my AP/router, it would always say something about locking the frequencies usable by the wireless card to USA frequencies or some such in the logs. Not sure how it even knew that, maybe from the timezone data, but it did it. Why can't this be standard across all firmwares?

Comment Re:This is a partnership.... (Score 1) 82

What did they get out of it? Retroactive immunity for performing illegal warrantless wiretapping at the behest of the government, of course. I remember well back when Obama was starting to get popular and people kept saying how he would be different and bring "hope" and "change", yet supported this attrocity: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07...

Comment Already solved (Score 1) 519

"The desire to figure out how to bring ad blocking to mobile consumers is a worldwide phenomenon," says Roi Carthy Ad blocking, he says, "is an inalienable right."

This was already solved via firefox mobile + uBlock origin. I'll admit firefox mobile isn't really the best browser out there in terms of performance, but the ad blocking more than makes up for it, and it is the only browser I use on my phone.

Comment Re:sandboxing (Score 1) 371

Can it access the video card or TPM? It clearly MUST have access to some sort of hardware resources, otherwise the DRM scheme is completely useless (you could just grab the stream of anything decrypted via CPU). I seem to recall news sometime back about microsoft's drm scheme requiring video card driver support in order to secure the stream all the way to the monitor. Sandboxes have breakout vulnerabilities all the time (well, at least on linux... I have no idea how good windows' sandboxing is).

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