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Comment Flood of schills is an good omen (Score 1) 286

The comment quality always seems way lower on copyright articles. For every 10 decent comments, you have 90 apparent propaganda posts. Regular slashdot articles have much better quality comments from a wide variety of posters. These fake comments tend to go over the top and double down on RIAA philosophy. They push horrible ideas the MAFIAA would never dare say publicly.

These muppet comments also quote the supposed pro-piracy bias. If this article was any indication, the Slashdot community are 90% MAFIAA muppets. I know that's not the real story. If you counted only posts from real posters, that would tell a different story. Among American adults, about 50% are pro piracy. 70% of the younger generation is pro piracy. The slashdot community is bound to be higher.

I can't answer every inane argument I saw here without an essay, so I'm gonna pick a common one. Anti piracy activists love to argue from free enterprise. It goes something like this: "Thou shalt be free to buy or sell music at a mutually agreed price. Thou shalt not download anything if there is no transaction." This argument assumes intellectual property should be respected and protected. Sorry to break it to you, but I'm not interested in preserving a privileged class of entertainers, especially not on the backs of the shrinking middle class and growing lower class. I can obtain my music with free enterprise, for free. After my friend Charlie pays for an album, I engage in a free enterprise transaction with him. I do not require the services or consent of the original merchant for this transaction. I am not bound by the terms Charlie agreed to. If Charlie breaks some agreement between himself and the merchant, that is not my problem. If this ruins the merchants business model, also not my problem.

In short, I have the natural right to download whatever I want, whenever I want. My natural rights overrule the current corrupt legal system. You will get my "illegal files" when you pry them from my cold, dead hard drive.

The good news is that if MAFIAA feel the need to disrupt our public forum with their drivel, they must be scared. In fact, all of the 1% is scared of "one man, one vote" for different reasons. This greedy, petulant, aristocratic concept of 'intellectual property' is on its way to history's dustbin.

Comment Re:java backend is not simple. (Score 1) 138

@Xest jbolden seems to have a much better grasp of object oriented programming than you. Multiple inheritance is a real issue in comp sci that you can't dismiss as a non-problem with a wave of your hand and an ad-hoc solution. Java provides the functionality of MI with interfaces. There is a reason it needed to be provided.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable.. (Score 1) 1271

I find it ironic that one of the groups that are dependent on herd immunity (Vaccine Component Allergy) is one of the ones that said doctor will kick out of his practice. My son is highly allergic to eggs, which is in many vaccines. We were informed by our doctor that if we did not allow him to inject our son with something that he is highly allergic to we would no longer be allowed to be a part of his practice.

It isn't that we don't want our son to be immunized, it is just we would rather not give him something that results in violent reactions. Especially at the young age that he is.

I find it ironic that your little story is fake.

Comment Double standard? (Score 1) 427

Most murder stories don't cover the religion of those involved in the U.S. Most murders are Christians murdering other Christians.

Granted, most U.S. citizens are Christian. Maybe there is a good reason to point out the religion, but you didn't make a case for it.

Do you think we should always discuss religion in murder stories, or only bring religion into it if its Islam? Fox News takes the latter stance.

Comment Pollute the data (Score 4, Insightful) 200

The only way to fight this in the long run is data pollution.
I heard about it in another thread that Pirate Bay adds fake IP addresses to the real ones.
In the long run more sophisticated tools for this purpose will emerge, and Anon can graduate from the LOIC to something that will have a permanent impact.
We won SOPA, and a major website is taken down the next day.
It is obvious that preventing laws like this is not going to stop data retention in the long run.
The path forward is to destroy the credibility of the data they collect.

Comment Instead of destroying the key (Score 1) 1047

what if you have a key escrow program that is set to automatically destroy the key without intervention? While in the can:

Me: Officer, I need my smartphone right away.

Prison Guard: LOL

Me: I have software that will wipe out my precious data if I don't log in for 7 days in a row. It's been 6 days and 20 hours.

Prison Guard: Tough Shit

Me: The judge might want some of this info!!!

Prison Guard: Do I look like I was born yesterday? Shut up and let me watch tv or you are gonna have a bad night.

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