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Comment how Sony hate is now MS hate (Score 1) 611

Its funny there was an uproar and hate of Sony when they removed install other OS. I Think they will do a 180 and remove the have to call back once every 24 hours because otherwise they lose all military people...that's a big market share to lose for something as stupid as have to call back. Some people are basing this on what they have read and seen from MS direct others are just on the MS hatewaggon without thinking about the reason for it. Stop and think how often do you have your system unplugged from the internet and play the game for those that do. I understand not all have the ability to do so and yes i agree its a bunch of BS but stop and think about it for a moment. most people play multi-player which requires internet and i know for a fact i never unplug my console after playing so whats the big deal? Sony is leaving the DRM to the publishers. The main difference is MS is making everyone have the same DRM where Sony will leave it to others to do the DRM.... They all want a way to control there games and reduce pirated copies and kill off the used game market.

Comment Re:Deal breaker (Score 1) 581

Agreed!! I will not be buying this system! I bet 10 to 1 that they pull a Win8 and back track on at least the phone home part as long as people send the clear message of screw you on that while thats there M$! But they wont do it right away because the sheep will flock to the system without thinking about it....Looks like i will just spend the money on getting a new PC or the PS4....dont want to lose the fun time gaming with friends but i draw the line at phone home once a day in order to play games!

Comment Re:Beside the point. (Score 1) 189

Depends on what is in the legal doc's. I find it hard to believe that they will automatically add someones patents to a pool after they are part of one for a cretin set of patents. Because then all of Microsoft's patents would be in that pool and yet i don't think they are. I don't know how all that works just throwing something out there...

Comment Re:Stopped reading at Florian (Score 1) 189

Love it! I have been reading Groklaw for the past years years almost, and whenever i see FOSSPatents as a source i get the sudden need to find a trash can...LOL but in all reality /. please stop posting anything he is part of. He sang the doom of Google and Android during the Oracle case and was wrong, he is singing the doom of Motorola, yet this case is far from over! The judge screwed up here, and this is why i think that. After reading Groklaw and some of the documents it seems like they are trying to make Motorola's standard essential patents worth less because this is all happening in Micro$ofts back yard and because Micro$oft thinks all essential patents should be in a pool. Unless they belong to them then its okay to gouge the hell out of someone.... just my 2 cents....

Comment Re:America going downhill (Score 1) 195

Not disagreeing as i think the same thing. I wish we would stop getting involved with all the crap we do! It's down right stupid anymore, and from things i read the world doesn't like us anymore and honestly can't blame them. Like i said its sad that America has fallen this much and done half the crap it has done over the last few years.

Comment America going downhill (Score 0) 195

Once it was a thing of pride to live here in America, but now unless you have a stake in Big business and/or brainwashed by those in power you see its going downhill and i agree with allot of comments that before to long nothing will be hosted or even businesses being based here because of all the crap that's going on from Music companies inability to adapt to new technology to the coal/oil industry having a strangle hold on energy. I read on here the other day i believe that Sweden was using trash to make energy....this would be a great thing for big cities in America. Nothing will change because everyone in office is getting bought off by Big Business.

Comment Stupid patent trolls (Score 3, Insightful) 197

Quick we need to patent an idea so we can sue someone and make money...i hate these damn patent trolls... Open Source all the way then anyone using any open source has to publish under that so no more patent trolls or would that make more because they would go after the idea and concept then???

Comment Re:Star Trek anyone?? (Score 1) 112

Well, no, not really. This isn't even remotely the same technology path.

This involves using fairly conventional optics to make the best use of a person's existing visual capabilities, resulting in better (but still not "perfect") vision for those with certain types of eye damage. The innovation is overcoming the challenges to implant said optics in the eye.

Geordi's visor would use its own sensors to pull in a much wider spectrum of information than just visible light, bypassing his eyes (i.e. not trying to make use of his existing visual capabilities) to give him superhuman vision. The device would not be implanted in the eye and so would not use the innovations from the telescope.

The technological overlap is just about zero.

You must not have followed the movies then. The last two or three movies he had eye implants and not his visor. So the overlap is there it may not be the same thing but its on the same line.

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