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Comment here is another problem (Score 1) 272

assuming a worse case scenario were this information would be needed. Will anyone still be literate enough to read? in the 1880's 17% of the population could not read,you imagine how bad it would be after a apocalyptic event. It might take more than a generation for the violence and desperation to settle down. in survival mode on a horrific landscape, how many will really take time to teach basic reading. Most likely much of this knowledge will get relearned the hard way.

Comment privacy issues (Score 1) 163

How long till something is like this available to law enforcement . They have already gotten away with putting gps trackers on people's car in their drive ways with no judicial over-site. The privacy and legal ramifications are going to be immense. Stewbee pointed out that the majority of the plans are on developers blog, since we got camera phones people don't hesitate to violate each others privacy, imagine what will happen with this.

Comment Re:What detail was revealed? (Score 1) 158

I read them too and I took them as a positive and complimentary of the device. Microsoft reaction to me is what leads me to look at the phone as probably not being so great. When a business acts that parinoid it doesn't promote confidence in the next product, Apple, RIM, and the bazillions of Android device makers are not worried about Uncle Balmer and his merry men.

Comment Re:Best Suggestion EVAR (Score 1) 244

My only problem is there are so many ways to write code to do the same thing. it also doesn't address the extend issue is that exist within the software industry, People like Amazon for instance, applied for a patent for a button that lets you buy an item in 1 click if you are a returning customer on their website. That a frivolous patent and there are many like it.

Comment Re:I don't get "First to File" (Score 1) 244

For software patents I would get behind that (even though I think software patents are silly overall... they really should have stuck with it under copyright) for hardware That would be could turn into a vastly expensive endeavor for a single or independent engineer. I not sure how to make the patent system fair in that case.

Comment Re:I can'd be evil (Score 1) 431

I completely understand. I have the same problem. I think that is the line between gamers and geeks (in or out the closet nerds lol). most gamers play to see all the things possible in the game where us geek types raised on star wars, star trek, comic books have a very strong sense of fairness and good and evil being more black an white. I had the hardest times in the military dealing with the politics of some of our missions when it was about "American Intrest" and not about the doing the right thing, I am the same way with video games, I find a lot of people are.

Comment I like how Mercenaries handled it (Score 1) 431

In mercenaries: playground of destruction you kill or subdue a civillian or reporter it counted against you in the game. It did not matter if it was on purpose or accidental , the game attitude was collateral damage is bad for business , which is true in the real world. In the real world it bad politically & morally (sp?)

Comment Re:Anybody else? (Score 1) 286

what do they think they are preventing if student's and teachers are going to have an inappropriate relationship , not being facebook friends isn't going to prevent it. I think it smoke and mirror move to look like he actually doing the business of gov't. How about he sign a bill with a mandatory sentence for teachers having "relations" with students, smh.

Comment Re:Wireless = less network engineers? (Score 1) 444

I personally know many companies that are limiting their wireless roll out because of security concerns. The cloud is a great idea in concept, but I would never trust my most senstive date with a third party. between rouge cracker groups like Anonymous and luzsec, the issues google and facebook have had with employees snooping in people's messages just shows how a nightmare is waiting to happen. Some are going to say why would they bother with me, all you have to do is look like your related to one of their causes and you become a target. The cloud is great for small business and some mid size businessess but if your have a lot of sensitive stuff or bound by HIPPA it becomes a whole different can of worms (even github has a solution for business that can't use the cloud that is hugley popular). Short-sighted management views and IT department as cost center, A leader views it's IT staff like Paratroopers, The drop out the sky right were when you need them. An IT team can show you ways to save money with diffrent technologies, some will show you ways you can make money if you listen ( we showed our exec staff a way to they could bring in another 250k to the bottom line ). One thing I do expect to see is more IT generalist

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