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Comment Re:But all the conversations are recorded and stor (Score 2) 419

The claim is that no conversations are recorded. If you believe that... But the assertion that they have to get court approval to actually access the database is meaningless. It's the FISA court, which has only denied a handful of requests (literally a handful) since its creation in 1978. If an agency asks permission, the FISA court grants it. And it doesn't even give slaps on the wrist when agents don't follow the FISA rules.

Comment Re:Not very effective (Score 1) 133

The problem is that 99% of home routers can't handle IPv6, so it won't matter if the ISP supports it. This includes routers that claim to support IPv6 but have critical bugs that prevent it from working properly.

Isn't IPv4 a subset of IPv6? So it shouldn't matter if my home router or modem is compatible, if the changeover is done properly. My ISP would do the equivalent of NAT routing with my IPv4 address being part of the IPv6 address the ISP sends out to the world.

Comment Re:Embryonic or adult? (Score 2) 196

iPS cells are usually adult stem cells. So it's probably adult, although there's a slight chance they're embryonic. I suspect they were adult because of the way the article was written. They never mention type until they start talking about embryonic stem cells at the end of the article. That way they didn't lie, they just forgot to mention that little detail.

Submission + - Japan team says stem cells made paralysed monkey j (

interval1066 writes: This is huge news in the world of stem cell research; restoring some muscular control to a simian is a huge step. This means that stem cell therapy is a demonstrably viable path to restoring motility for millions of accident victims, palsy and ms sufferers, the list just goes on.

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